(Clearwisdom.net) There are two fellow practitioners. Both of them solidly believe in Master and Dafa and long ago put down the attachment to life and death. Because their mindsets were different when they were about to be tortured, the end results were different.

The authorities threatened Practitioner A, saying, "We will torture you like this and like that." Practitioner A said immediately, "I do not fear death, let alone your tortures. Come on, do whatever you want." They proceeded to torture him inhumanly. Later he looked inward, trying to understand the reason why he was tortured. He found many attachments, such as having a heroic attitude and a show-off mentality and wanting to validate himself. He realized that he had been asking them to torture him, in fact following the old forces' arrangement.

When the authorities threatened Practitioner B, saying, "We will torture you this way and that," he replied instantly, "No way, I will absolutely not allow you to torture me!" They did not do anything to him.

Facing evil, the different mindsets of "No way" and "Come on" resulted in outcomes that were drastically different.