(Clearwisdom.net) After learning about the Chinese New Year Spectacular show in Dallas on TV, a family of five drove from Oklahoma for three hours to see the show at the Nokia Theatre on the evening of January 7, 2008. After the show, Mr. Jiang said emotionally that the performance was "perfect" both in its presentation and in its spirit.

Ms. Jiang said it was worth driving three hours to see the show

Mr. Jiang said that performance was "perfect" both in its presentation and in its spirit

Ms. Jiang told the reporter that in addition to their daughter, they also brought Ms. Jiang's parents to the show. "All performances," she added, "were touching, especially the 'Water Sleeves' dance. That was so beautiful. It was well worth the three-hour drive. See, my whole family came."

Ms. Jiang's father is nearly 80 years old and worked as an art textbook editor. Mr. Jiang had high praise for the show, "It is perfect in both body and spirit. Spirit and body are integrated."

Mr. Jiang's wife said, "I liked all the performances. Five thousand years of our Chinese traditional culture are being displayed and carried forward for the current generations."

Mr. Jiang said he engaged in cultural-related work beginning in the 1950s and had heard tenor Guan sing in China. Regarding the Divine Performing Arts company, Mr. Jiang said, "I think this group is directed by divine beings. They are not your average performers. Competent performers are just for low level shows--they can perform physically but there is no spiritual connotation from deep in their hearts."