(Clearwisdom.net) On January 21, 2007, practitioners Mr. Yang Jianjun and his wife, Ms. Shen Yuehong, from Xuchang City, Hanan Province, were arrested in a rented room in Xuchang City. Xuchang State Security officers were responsible. Ms. Shen and her 10-month-old baby were sent to a brainwashing center. Now they are homeless. In the past few years, Mr. Yang and Ms. Shen's parents and other relatives have also been persecuted and their homes illegally searched. This has led to the deaths of three older members of their family.

On January 21, the authorities snatched Ms Shen's 10-month-old baby from her arms. Ms. Shen shouted: "Falun Dafa is the righteous way! Falun Dafa saves the sentient beings!" The authorities brutally beat Ms. Shen. The four people involved held Ms. Shen on the ground and pressed her face into the ground. One officer stuck a dirty cloth into her mouth while another held Ms. Shen's hair and slapped her with a sandal. Ms. Shen's mouth bled, and her face swelled. Even today, her chin is black. Ms. Shen's daughter became very frightened and kept on crying. Mr. Yang probably suffered more. The authorities took away their notebook computer, printer, other equipment, and 5000 yuan (about 1250 USD) in cash.

On January 22, Ms. Shen and her daughter, Yang Yifan, were questioned at the hotel. For three whole days, they were closely watched by Xuchang City 610 Office director Song and police officer Sun Lina from Wedu District Police Station, as well as two people who were referred to as Xiaotao and Xiaohen. On January 24, Ms. Shen was transferred to the Huangchuan County Police Station in her hometown. She was sent directly to a brainwashing center.

Around 5 a.m. on January 26, Ms. Shen escaped the brainwashing center with righteous thoughts. When she was climbing the outside gate, she was discovered. As she was struggling to flee, the guards pulled off all her clothes. In the cold of winter, Ms. Shen ran away, naked and barefoot. Finally she got to a home with good people, who gave her a pair of pants. Her daughter, who was not even one-year-old, cried for an entire day at the brainwashing center, where she is still being held.

When Mr. Yang Jianjun legally went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in 2000, he was illegally arrested and sent to the Third Labor Camp of Henan Province by Xuchang City Police Station personnel. He was forced to do hard labor there for three years. Because his father, practitioner Mr.Yang Xingya, was clarifying the truth in Kaifeng City in 2003, he was sent to Kaifeng Forced Labor Camp for one year. He died in 2005. When his family was taking care of his funeral arrangements, the hotel where they stayed was full of 610 Office plainclothes officers. Even at the funeral home people were secretly taking pictures. In the end, they had to leave Kaifeng City with Mr. Yang Jianjun's ill mother. Mr. Yang Jianjun's 21-year old sister was left to handle the funeral affairs.

Mr. Yang's mother, practitioner Ms. Xing Xiuzhi, was taken away when the police searched their home. She was arrested and held for a month. Afterwards, her old illness reoccurred, and she passed away in June 2006. Now there is only an uncared-for 80-year-old grandmother in Mr. Yang's home.

Ms. Shen's father died six months ago. Her mother was still in mourning over her husband's death when she suddenly got the news that her daughter had been arrested. Her coronary heart disease reoccurred. These continued misfortunes have struck this family--already in poverty--hard. Ms. Shen only had 100 yuan (12 USD) with her, but the brainwashing center authorities stole it. Now she has no money with her and no home to return to.

We ask that humanitarian organizations and people in the international community pay attention and together bring an end to this persecution of good people that is currently taking place in China. One phone call or one statement shows your support of righteousness; it can frighten the evil and bring forth people's human nature.

Some of those who have participated in the persecution:

Miao Zhongkai, the police officer in Xuchang City State Security who is leading the persecution of practitioners: 86-13603741792(Cell), 86-374-4367691(Home), 86-374-5137898, ext. 25655(Office)

Sun Lina, instructor at the State Security (Department of Political Affairs) of the Weidu District, Xuchang City: 86-374-2334288 ext. 37312(Office)
Li Hongwei, director of State Security (Department of Political Affairs) of the Weidu District, Xuchang City: 86-374-2334288 ext. 37313(Office)
Zhou Hengwei, director of the Department of Political Affairs, Xuchang Police Station: 86-13937465979(Cell), 86-374-5133865 ext. 36830(Office), 86-374-2186766 (Home), 86-374-5131992(Home)