(Clearwisdom.net) CCP's atrocities of live organ removal for profit have caught the attention of all circles and governments after the report of Canadian Independent Investigation Team was published and the team visited more than ten countries and regions. The Taiwanese Vice President, Ms. Annette Lu, hosted a meeting regarding "CCP's atrocities of organ harvesting and related human rights issue" on October 27. She said that mainland China conducts illegal organ transplantation, which gravely violates human rights and must be condemned. In addition, it is equivalently important how to prevent Taiwanese patients from going to China to receive illegal organ transplants. She hoped that all circles pay attention to and safeguard human rights and Taiwanese people's health.

She said in her speech that she represented the President to express concern on CCP's horrible act of live organ harvesting and transplantation for profit. Not only are citizens paying attention to the issue, but Legislation Council Members Lai Ching-te and Tien Chiu-chin held a hearing in the Legislation Council. The Department of Health, Ministry of Judicial Affairs, and Mainland Affairs Committee also discussed the issue in the Legislative Council.

Ms. Lu referred to China's organ transplantation data. From 1994 to 1999, there were 18,500 organ transplants. The number increased suddenly to 60,000 from 2000 to 2005. Where were these live organs from? It was suspicious. She pointed out further that there were 22 liver transplantation centers in China in 1999, but 500 in 2005. There were 135 liver transplantation operations in 1999, but 4,000 in 2005. There were 3,596 kidney transplantations in 1999, but 10,000 in 2005. From these numbers, it is questionable that there would all of a sudden be so many more death row inmates.

After hearing opinions of attendees from related departments and judicial circles, Ms. Lu expressed that such serious issues should be handled from three aspects: human rights, health and politics. Government and non-government organizations should work together to take corresponding actions.

Regarding how to solve this human rights issue, Ms. Lu pointed out to proceed from guidance, investigation and legislation. In guidance, the first is to condemn CCP's violation of human rights and the second is to have patients or family not make the choice. For investigation, the Department of Health, Ministry of Judicial Affairs, and Mainland Affairs Committee take active investigation to find out if medical staff or organizations are involved. In legislation, human rights and law circle professionals work together to assess the possibility to amend current law or initiate new legislation.

Ms. Lu said that the other channel is to get media attention. Legislation Council or non-governmental organizations can hold hearings to get the attention of citizens. In addition, government should gather information, print brochures or posters to publicize the issue. She called for attention of this issue.

Vice President Ms. Lu recommended a committee, temporally named "Caring Committee for Citizens Going to China for Organ Transplants" to safeguard human rights across borders from active and positive caring aspects in collaboration with government, law and professionals of all circles.