(Clearwisdom.net) Note: The following is a shortened version of a longer and more detailed article that appeared on the Minghui.org website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net).

Since February 25, 2006, officials from the National Security Division of Sanhe Police Department, the 610 Office, and Yanjiao Police Department have arrested more than twenty people including practitioners Mr. Zhou Chuanzhong, his wife Wang Shuhua, their son Zhou Jia who does not practice Falun Gong, Zhang Deli and his son Zhang Guangliang (not a practitioner), Ma Weishan, Zhou Zaitian, Di Wenzhu, Guo Zheng, Bai Yanxia, Zhang Liancun, Liang Baotian, and Du Fucang. At least four practitioners including Liu Shujuan, Zhang Zhiping, Tian Fengling and Liu Cuirong, have been sent to a labor camp. It has been learned that nine practitioners including Zhang Deli have been sent to the Sanhe Detention Center. The wicked Party claims it will sentence the practitioners to prison.