(Clearwisdom.net) Officials and inmates at Tiebei Jail in Changchun inflicted the following tortures on Falun Gong practitioners during 2002. In the future more of their evil acts will be investigated and exposed.

Case 1: Isolated for Five Days and Nights, Forbidden to Sleep

In October 2002, the Changchun Tiebei 610 Office persecuted practitioner Mr. Jin Yuanri. Officers detained him in a small room at the 610 Office, keeping him in complete isolation. Many criminals at the jail were instructed to talk at him 24 hours a day to deprive him of sleep. This continued for five days and nights, making Mr. Jin very fatigued. During this time, a policeman shouted, "This is the way we deal with spies and today we use it on you. Let's see how long you can last."

Case 2: Hanging for Half an Hour in Freezing Temperatures

In December 2001, jail administrator Mou Zhanfu tried to brainwash practitioner Ms. Liu Ziwei but she resisted. Mou Zhanfu then hung Ms. Liu by her left hand from a pine tree near the jail. Because Ms. Liu Ziwei is short and could not touch the lowest branch, Mou Zhanfu placed two bricks under her feet to hang her up. Ms. Liu still refused to give in, so Mou Zhanfu kicked away the bricks under her feet and Ms. Liu was left dangling in the air. She hung there for half an hour in the freezing weather. Her handcuffs dug into her flesh, causing the muscles to cramp and leaving deep scars. Her left arm lost all feeling for half a year.

In the summer of 2002, the "Plastic Tube Jail" area tried to brainwash Ms. Liu Ziwei. As a way to "influence" inmates and arouse inmate hatred against her, jail officials deprived jail inmates of any free time after their work and forced the inmates to sit on the cold ground until 10 p.m. This produced hatred and instigated the criminals to beat Ms. Liu.

Case 3: Policemen Joined Forces with Criminals to Do Violence

On March 1, 2002, while Mr. Yin Lizhu was detained in Tiebei Jail, he read Master's articles. Jail inmates grabbed them away from him and gave them to Warden Li Jun. Mr. Yin asked for the articles back, but Li Jun refused. Mr. Yin said, "They are mine. Why don't you give them back to me?" When Mr. Yin tried to take the articles back, Li Jun, who was drinking at the time, beat Mr. Yin's face. Criminals Li Yanzhe, Wang Jinshan and Wang Hongliang then beat Mr. Yin to the ground.

On the morning of March 2, practitioner Mr. Zhang Hongwei heard about this and intended to accompany Mr. Yin to the jail's administration office to report the incident. Li Jun feared that his violent behavior would be exposed, so he instigated criminals to stop the practitioners. They dragged Mr. Zhang away and held him. In the afternoon the practitioners were finally able to report the case. At this time 12 practitioners also strongly demanded that the jail administration investigate this issue and punish Li Jun and the criminals. Family members of the practitioners reported this issue to Jilin Jail Administration Bureau, pointing out that Li Jun was drinking on the job and had led criminals to beat practitioners. In order to cover up his crimes, Li Jun persuaded the administration office to transfer Zhang Hongwei to Jilin Jail. Mr. Zhang was the first practitioner to be transferred to Jilin Jail.