I am seven years old. I started studying the Fa when my mom was pregnant with me. In the past when I saw something happen in other dimensions, I only shared it with my mom and fellow practitioners close to us. Now, after I have shared these things with other fellow practitioners, I have decided to write about my experiences. This might also serve as a testimonial for those practitioners who have not paid enough attention to sending forth righteous thoughts or who think that sending forth righteous thoughts does not work for them.

One day in August, my grandma and my mom took me to visit my aunt. At noon on the 13th, five of us sat down and started sending forth righteous thoughts. As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw several monsters that were all heads without bodies. They looked around and said, "Go, go, let's find a place." When they came to my field, they said, "Righteous thoughts are very strong here, no room left. We can't enter."

At that time, they found there was some room in my grandma's dimension. What was reflected in our dimension was that my grandma was a little bit sleepy, so that big monster head was able to enter into her dimension. As soon as my grandma became wide awake and strengthened her righteous thoughts, the big monster head ran away immediately, but it didn't perish.

After that, I saw a very very tall ladder that looked like an escalator with many steps. My younger sister and I carried small stones on our backs, and we had iron tridents in our hands. We were at the very front and proceeding upward, followed by my mom and my aunt, and my grandma came last. When we reached the second level of the ladder, monster heads ahead of us started kicking at us, while monster heads behind us started dragging down my grandma, so the five of us worked together to fight back. The two of us in front were stabbing those monsters with our tridents, and we also hit the monsters behind us with small stones to stop them from ascending. The monsters that we stabbed with our tridents died, dropped to the bottom, and then turned into water. Then I went up and fought against the monsters ahead of me. They could not keep up and shouted, "Come and help us, we are dying." After they said that, they died instantly. I said, "All right." Mom and my aunt also hit the monsters behind them with stones. The monsters underneath the ladder were trying desperately to climb up and firmly held onto my grandma. My grandma managed to get rid of them and kept climbing up, and we were all helping my grandma to fight the monsters behind us. After we climbed up further, my grandma started to relax, as if she had forgotten about the monsters behind her. In this dimension, it reflected in the fact that my grandma was sleepy again.

The five of us kept climbing up, and the ladder was very very narrow. The higher it was, the more monsters there were. After we reached the fourth or fifth level, we arrived at a place where we could stay, but it was very distant from the next dimension up. At that time, our time for sending forth righteous thoughts ended.