(Updated 20:35 Beijing Time, September 4, 2005) On September 2 Beijing Time, it was discovered that hackers had planted vicious code into web pages at the Fangguangming website (http://asp.fgmtv.org). Technical staff had cleaned up the vicious code by the morning of September 3 Beijing Time. Based on results of current examination, the above-mentioned vicious code was planted early August. We recommend that readers in China and overseas, who visited Fangguangming and related web sites with Internet Explorer (IE) during the period noted above, immediately re-install the operating system and take other relevant measures.

This vicious code redirected visitors to a particular vicious website in mainland China, where IE security holes were exploited to plant the Trojan program onto the visitor's computer, which could expose its IP and other information and to possibly monitor the visitor's keyboard operations, etc. Anti-virus software (by Norton, for example) cannot detect this Trojan.

If you have visited the Fangguangming website with IE from early August 2005 to September 3, 2005, the above-mentioned vicious code would have automatically downloaded a Trojan program from elsewhere and planted it on your computer. We advise readers to immediately re-install the computer's operation system to completely get rid of this security problem.

The Qingzhou web site at http://qingzhou.sytes.net/ (including all sites with this domain name used by the Qingzhou web site) had also experienced the same security problem. The time period is from early August 2005 to the morning of September 4, 2005. Administrators of the Qingzhou website have been notified, and they have shut down the website and are in the process of cleaning up the contents. If you browsed the Qingzhou website with IE during that period of time, we also advise you to immediately re-install the operating system software on your computer as well.

If more information becomes available, we will update this notice.

Clearwisdom.net Technical Department and Fangguangming Technical Department

September 3, 2005