(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Dianren from Tonghua City, Jilin Province went to see his grandchildren at his daughter's home on February 5, 2005. The officers from the local police station abducted him and took him to the police station soon after he came into the house. Police officers Wang Yongqing, Li Jie, and the Deputy Director tortured and shocked him with electric batons. His pubic area was injured and he could not urinate properly. The police stripped his clothes off and pushed him outside. After exposing him to the cold weather for hours, they poured hot water on his back followed by cold water for a long period. He was shivering due to the severe injury. In order to cover up their crimes, the police secretly sent him to No. 206 Hospital for medical treatment. At that time, his family members did not know his whereabouts. One month later, they found out about his condition after much inquiry. They requested that Laozhan Police Station release and compensate him. However, the police did not want to make it public and threatened to arrest Wang Dianren's daughter. They claimed that she had harbored her father. The purpose was to quiet the family members, who had no other alternative but to keep silent. There was no place for them to appeal.

After Wang Dianren was sent to Changliu Detention Center, the prison guards cruelly beat him many times. Once, prison guard Liu Jian kicked him hard because he shouted out, "Falun Dafa is good!" His spleen was badly injured. He became faint due to the extreme pain. He hasn't yet recovered.

Without any notice given to his family members, the court sentenced Wang Dianren to three and a half years of imprisonment. The police attempted to send him to the prison on August 8, 2005. Wang Dianren is now on a hunger strike to resist the persecution, and his life is in danger.

Laozhan Police Station: 435-3517946

August 7, 2005