(Clearwisdom.net) On September 23, 2005, Daqing City police officers illegally arrested more than thirty Falun Dafa practitioners. All of the female practitioners were sent to Daqing Detention Center in Heilongjiang Province.

The majority of practitioners at Daqing Detention Center are tortured severely. Ms. Tang Zengye and other practitioners were confined to iron chairs, with both hands and feet cuffed to hoops, rendering the practitioner unable to move. At that time, the temperature in Daqing rapidly declined. The police opened up the windows while it was raining, allowing the cold wind and rain to blow directly in on the practitioners in the iron chairs. Because the practitioners did not cooperate with the persecutors, they were not allowed to use the toilet. Some practitioners had their periods, and the police used despicable ways to torture them. Most of the practitioners were unable to move after being released from the iron chairs.

Ms. Tang Zengye is now on a hunger strike protesting the illegal detention and torture, and is extremely emaciated. The guards instigated the other prisoners to torment her during force-feedings, including slapping her face and smashing her head with the iron basin used during this painful torture.

At the moment, at least eight practitioners, including Tang Zengye, are on a hunger strike and their lives are in danger.

Daqing Detention Center:
Daqing City Detention Center: 86-459-4616163, 86-459-4616158 (gate guard)
Daqing City Detention Center manager's office: 86-459-4616098, 86-459-4616638
Daqing City Detention Center manger Du: 86-459-4617593
Daqing City Detention Center manger Zhang: 86-459-4616098, 86-13059058777 (cell)
Daqing City Detention Center manger Bai: 86-459-4616161
Daqing City Detention Center assistant manger's office: 86-459-4616090, 86-459-4616099
Daqing City Detention Center head duty office: 86-459-4616163
Daqing City Detention Center monitoring room: 86-459-4616312
Daqing City Detention Center main gate duty office: 86-459-4616158
Daqing City Detention Center second gate duty office: 86-459-4616160

Daqing City Longfeng District Detention Center manager: 86-459-670800599

Daqing City Public Security Bureau
Cao Zhenhe, Commissar: 86-459-6373066 (office), 86-459-6280888 (home), 86-13329500002 (cell)
Lin Guoli, Deputy Director General: 86-459-6375026 (office), 86-459-6986708 (home), 86-13329500003 (cell)
Liang Ximing, Deputy Director General: 86-459-6390005 (office), 86-459-6390988 (home), 86-13329500004 (cell)
Wei Chunhua, Deputy Director General: 86-459-6398889 (office), 86-459-6381983 (home), 86-13329500005 (cell)
Hao Dejiang, Deputy Director General: 86-459-6375029 (office), 86-459-6381516 (home), 86-13329500006 (cell)
Liu Yong, Deputy Director General: 86-459-6374899 (office), 86-459-6292999 (home), 86-13329500007 (cell)
Lan Yingjie, Deputy Director General: 86-459-6688059 (office), 86-459-6689098 (home), 86-13329500008 (cell)

Daqing City National Security Bureau:
Lin Zhisheng, Director General: 86-459-6281231 (office), 86-459-6688448 (home), 86-13604651999 (cell)
Wang Xiyan, secretary: 86-459-6181232 (office), 86-459-4611878 (home), 86-13904591292 (cell)
Zhang Wanyu, Deputy Director General: 86-459-6181233 (office), 86-459-6362878 (home), 86-13903690009 (cell)
Kang Jinlong, Deputy Director General: 86-459-6181234 (office), 86-459-6283599 (home), 86-13804653333 (cell)
Zhang Wendong, Deputy Director General: 86-459-6181235 (office), 86-459-6286716 (home), 86-13903693705 (cell)
Fax: 86-459-6181250

Daqing City government cadres:
Gai Ruyin, secretary: 86-459-6181833 (office), 86-459-4601833, 86-459-6104941 (home), 86-13304500260 (cell)
Han Xuejiang, mayor: 86-459-6186779 (office), 86-459-6181228 (home)
Han Keyan, routine deputy mayor: 86-459-6181097 (office), 86-459-4607676, 86-459-5998518 (home), 86-13604659306 (cell)
Li Yongku, deputy mayor: 86-459-6581059, 86-459-4601059, 86-459-6377722, 86-13039833033
Cui Qiang, deputy mayor: 86-459-6186190, 86-459-4689590, 86-459-6395056, 86-13804680568
Wang Hongen, deputy mayor: 86-459-6185199, 86-459-4671596, 86-459-6188565, 86-13936796666
Tian Fengchun, deputy mayor: 86-459-6392628, 86-459-4605770, 86-459-6199880, 86-13945997880
Tian Liying, deputy mayor: 86-459-6186755, 86-459-4689577, 86-459-6199733, 86-13604897733
Shen Hongyu, deputy mayor: 86-459-6361606, 86-459-6368029, 86-13329390100

Daqing City Politics and Judiciary Committee:
Li Dong, deputy secretary: 86-459-6392011 (office), 86-459-6387336 (home), 86-13904696199 (cell)
Wang Gui, deputy secretary: 86-459-6372469 (office), 86-459-6381758 (home), 86-13904890661 (cell)