Helping Three People Withdraw from CCP in One Day

Most fellow practitioners think that helping people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is difficult. I believe that this is simply a notion. If we stood from the point of view of Gods and the Fa to clarify the truth and help people to withdraw using righteous thoughts, it would be a different scene. Helping different people with different approaches would be more effective.

I went out of town for a business trip on October 18, 2005. I decided to use that trip to clarify the truth and to help people withdraw from the CCP. One CCP member was in the same vehicle with me and he seemed very "successful" in society. I told him why Gods will destroy the CCP, about the divine carved rock found in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province that says "CCP Dies," explained why the CCP must inevitably die, and persuaded him to withdraw from CCP for his safety. He quickly agreed to withdraw from CCP. This surprised me.

It was because of our truth-clarification efforts in the past that he agreed so smoothly. His action also influenced the second and third person in our vehicle. When we save people by clarifying the truth and helping them withdraw from the CCP, we should not be moved by the surface appearance of people that seem not to be convinced yet. Our efforts may require some time to take effect at the surface. Many people have been saved by the cumulative result of clarifying the truth repeatedly over time.

I used his partner's computer to send his withdrawal statement to the Epoch Times website, and I showed it to another CCP member who was beside me. I showed him the Solemn Announcement of the Epoch Times, and helped him learn the importance of quitting the CCP. He agreed to withdraw on the spot. I sent his declaration instantly.

The driver on our trip was also a CCP member. I tried to help him quit CCP and the other two who had quit already were also telling him the reasons to quit. Although the driver did not say anything, their words had a strong impression on him.

We reached his company in the afternoon. I found the other two's withdrawal statements and let the driver see what was on the screen. He immediately agreed to quit with an alias.

The next morning, we had breakfast together. One of them told us he had a good sleep last night after withdrawing from the CCP, and he also felt very peaceful in his heart. Another one told us that quitting the CCP made his mind very comfortable, like it was free from worries. The third one said, "Yes! It feels great after quitting the CCP."

Saving People by Persuading Them to Withdraw from the CCP

My relatives were having a wedding ceremony, and they invited me to go to the countryside. As soon as I entered the village, I saw banners saying "Withdraw from the CCP, Youth League, and the Young Pioneers, The Nine Commentaries Fell from Heaven to End the Evil Party" all over the walls, along the roads, that people on the train can easily see them because the words are huge and clear. I was shocked to see these, and found my shortcomings compared to fellow practitioners in the countryside.

When I was clarifying the truth to people who came to congratulate the newly-weds, they told me, "We all know Falun Dafa is good! We also know the issue of withdrawing from the CCP, Youth League and Young Pioneers." It was very easy when I tried to help them. More than seventy people there withdrew from CCP and its organizations that day.

By reading our materials about the persecution and about the nature of the CCP, seeing banners every day, and chatting about these matters, people have widely learned the importance of withdrawing from the CCP. I also learned the power of these banners, which helped me eliminate my own attachments.