(Clearwisdom.net) On August 8, 2004, an announcement was published on Minghui.org, the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net, soliciting articles for the "First Falun Dafa Written Experience Sharing Conference in China." After reading this article, many fellow practitioners were deeply touched by Teacher's mercy. Practitioners realized that being afforded such an opportunity during the Fa-rectification period is both an honor and a responsibility for a Falun Dafa disciple, and that we should cherish such an opportunity that happens only once in thousands of years. However, this opportunity also comes with the obstacles of limited educational backgrounds and writing abilities, and often a propensity for doing poorly in the cultivation process, which tend to discourage practitioners from writing articles. With this in mind, I would like to convey my cultivation experience in writing and share it with everyone.

When I was a student, the thing I dreaded most was compositional writing. After starting my Fa-rectification cultivation, I became so busy with Falun Dafa work every day that I seldom wrote anything. In 2002, I read on Minghui.org a suggestion that practitioners write down their Fa-rectification experiences. Realizing that this was something we need to do well as we validate Falun Dafa, I too tried to write down my Fa-rectification cultivation experiences, but each time I tried, I ran into obstacles. Later, I found some fellow practitioners to write-up my experiences for me, and I published an article on Minghui.org in September 2003. Afterwards, I found another practitioner to organize several of my articles.

In November 2003, this practitioner told me that she had typed up my articles and stored them on a floppy disk, but that the floppy disk had become corrupted, and she could not find my articles anywhere on her PC either. I realized that things like this did not happen by accident. I knew that I had become dependent on her, always expecting her to do the work because she was the better writer. Still, this is not everyday people's work, but that of Falun Dafa practitioners. Teacher says, "True cultivation practice depends fully upon your heart." (Zhuan Falun) This is cultivation! I realized that I had deviated from the Fa, and that I should eliminate these attachments, so I picked up a pen and started writing several short articles about my experiences clarifying the truth on a face-to-face basis. After some fellow practitioners helped me polish them, the articles were published on Minghui.org. Then I wrote some experience sharing and Fa-validation articles that, one after another, were all published on Minghui.org. Local practitioners even incorporated some of my articles into truth-clarification flyers, and I re-wrote the two articles that had been lost.

Throughout the writing process, my understanding of the Fa kept increasing. I shared my insights with practitioners around me, and they too picked up their pens to write their own articles about spreading Falun Dafa, and cultivation experiences. One after another, their articles were published on Minghui.org also. There was a copy of a small, truth-clarification booklet containing three short articles from fellow practitioners, which helped to further promote Falun Dafa.

Minghui Editor's Note: Solicitation of articles for the "First Falun Dafa Written Experience Sharing Conference in China" is a major event to enable our Fa-rectification period Falun Dafa disciples in China to validate Falun Dafa and elevate together as one whole body prior to the Fa rectification of the human world.

Over the past five years, the persecutory environment and some complicated factors have made it difficult for those practitioners who have been cultivating and clarifying the truth in an open and dignified manner, and for those who have not been severely persecuted by the evil factors, to share experiences with other practitioners, who may not have diligently striven forward in the Fa, who have enlightened along an evil path, or been brainwashed by the Jiang regime officials. In some cases, there's no sharing taking place at all. What the latter have often encountered are those ridiculous, fallacious theories concocted by people who have enlightened along an evil path, or by the lures and temptations posed by special agents of the "610 Offices." In order to return to the path of righteous thoughts in a timely manner, they truly need help from fellow practitioners who have been cultivating to different realms. The former have often been busy with truth-clarification efforts, or were concerned that it would hinder their efforts to save the world's people, since the latter would not understand anyway. Therefore, they have neglected to establish this kind of sharing with the latter. Many communication difficulties could be wonderfully resolved through participation in the "First Falun Dafa Written Experience Sharing Conference in China," for which there is a current Call for Papers or solicitation of written articles.

Many practitioners who still have not stepped forward or who are demoralized also need inspiration and encouragement from these positive stories in order to make a positive choice at this final stage and in order to prevent a temporary attachment from ruining the preparations made and hardships endured through hundreds of thousands of years. If the "First Falun Dafa Written Experience Sharing Conference in China" can focus on publishing a large number of positive articles about experiences and understandings of Fa-rectification, it will surely inspire and move those practitioners.

Over the past five years, we have recorded a great number of persecution cases via Minghui.org. Comparatively, we have a disproportionate number of positive articles containing vividly detailed descriptions of cultivation experiences. Hence, from the perspective of leaving behind more completely documented and comprehensive first-hand accounts of the cultivation experiences of Fa-rectification period Falun Dafa disciples, this "First Falun Dafa Written Experience Sharing Conference in China" will also have major historical significance.