Clarifying the Truth about Falun Dafa to an Opinionated Person

A Falun Dafa practitioner was clarifying the truth about Dafa to someone. That person disapproved of Dafa at the beginning saying: "I browsed through your book (Zhuan Falun). It just combined certain things from Buddhism and Taoism..."

The practitioner realized that this person had been swindled by Jiang's propaganda against Falun Dafa for too long. The practitioner said, "Well, please allow me to ask you a question. Let's say there is this kid who was attending elementary school. In the first year, he learned things he should know as a first-grade student. In the second year, he learned more things. The third year, his parents read the text books and thought that a lot of the things in the third-grade text books were things their child learned in the first and second grades. They came to the conclusion that the text books were put together by copying things from the first and second grades and therefore were no good. They felt that the books were used to suck money out of them. They even went so far as to not allow their child to go to school any more. Do you think the parents are right?" This person silently agreed that the parents were wrong.

The practitioner went ahead and told the person that he should learn to listen to both sides and keep an open mind. The practitioner also told him how Falun Dafa is practiced all over the world, yet in China it is brutally persecuted. After now learning the truth, the person agreed that Dafa is good for society.

"I Have a Different Opinion"

Two friends ran into each other after not seeing one another for a long time.

A: Where are you working now?

B: I was assigned to capture Falun Gong practitioners.

A: Are they easy to capture?

B: Oh yeah! (Laughs) They are so easy. You just need to ask them, "Do you practice

Falun Gong?" They will for sure say yes. There is no way you'll miss them.

A: Why? They don't have to say that they practice Falun Gong, right? Why would they rather be captured?

B: They have "cultivation insanity." They believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." They can't tell lies.

A: (more serious and in deep thoughts) From what you can see, are the practitioners poorly educated?

B: No. Some of them have advanced degrees.

A: I see. I have a different opinion about these practitioners.

B: Tell me about it.

A: I think these practitioners are courageous, kind-hearted and honest. These are virtues a person should have. They should not be captured and detained. Look at today's society. When people get into trouble, in order to protect themselves, they always tell lies! Nowadays, you don't trust other people any more, no matter how good they sound. This society is hopeless if it continues to be like this! So I really admire the spirit of Falun Gong. Not everybody can follow "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance!"

B: (In deep thoughts and nodding his head in agreement)