The following is a list of people who are members of the "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) in Dangshan, Anhui Province: Fang Guangde, Secretary of Political and Legal Committee; Chao Youfu, Director of the Public Security Bureau; Tang Ke, Director of National Security Office; Wang Cunzhu, the head of local "610 Office"; and other members such as Duan Liwei, Huang Kai, Hong Feng, Shang Dongen, Li Ziqiang, Jiang Kefeng and Wei Chuanzhou.

The evil acts done by the "610 Office" at Dangshan are detailed below.

Under Jiang regime's orders, Wang Cunzhu, the head of local "610 Office," led other "610" members to monitor, kidnap, detain practitioners and illegally confiscate practitioners' properties. They also fabricated all kinds of crimes to sentence practitioners to labor camps and they extorted hundreds of thousands of Yuan RMB from practitioners' families by deceptive means.

In 2002, a handicapped practitioner, Chen Jianyuan, was detained in a detention center because of validating Dafa and he was brutally beaten up by policeman, Jiang Kefeng and his son. Due to the brutal beating he received, Chen Jianyuan lied on the bed and could not eat or move for several days. Not long after he recovered from his injuries, Jiang Kefang put him back into detention center and started another round of physical persecution against Chen Jianyuan.

In early 2002, practitioner Zhang Hongqi was brutally beaten up by Wang Cunzhu and Hong Feng for more than six days. The excuse given was because he clarified the truth of Falun Gong to people. He was illegally sentenced to a labor camp for two years. In August 2002, practitioners Tong Fengying and Li Arli were tortured for more than seven days because they revealed the truth of the evil persecution, and then were sentenced to a forced labor camp. In early 2002, Wang Cunzhu led other people to crawl over the fence to Tang Shili's home without any legal documentation and confiscated his property and kidnapped him. Later on, he was illegally sentenced to labor camp for two years. Practitioner Liu Jian was brutally beaten up by Wang Cunzhu because of clarifying the truth to people. Liu Jian had not been seen since August 2002 and at present nobody knows if he is alive or has been killed. Practitioner Wang Qinli was illegally sent to a labor camp and after he was released, the evil "610 Office" still wanted to persecute him and he was forced to live in a homeless life.