(Clearwisdom.net) July 20th, 1999 was the date that the evil old forces started to fanatically persecute Falun Dafa. The severe persecution has lasted for 4 years now and Dafa practitioners' tireless dedication in clarifying the truth has also lasted 4 years. The courage of Dafa disciples in upholding justice has also received accolades and respect from people around the world.

In order to help end this inhumane, malicious and evil persecution sooner, to help more people learn the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution so that they can have a bright and wonderful future, and to frighten the old forces and make them see that their evil persecution will eventually end up in failure with a miserable ending, on July 18th, all practitioners in our local area, as one body, courageously stepped forward. This is another action to validate Dafa as one body following the previous action on February 4, 2002 for our local "Falun Dafa Day."

In order to help this one-body action reach a wider area and range with a variety of forms, some Dafa disciples started the preparatory work one month ago. Some prepared banners; some wrote words for truth-clarification; some bought accessories to make words for truth-clarification and some printed literature. The seamless cooperation among Dafa disciples manifested the elevation and harmony as one body. On July 18th, it continuously drizzled all day and night to give Dafa disciples a wonderful chance and condition to work in activities as one body.

Fellow practitioners, let us strive forward together, and steadily finish everything well every step along the road of Fa-rectification. Teacher, please do not worry, we will not let down your painstaking salvation and immense compassion!