(Clearwisdom.net) On July 14, 2003, Mr. Scott Reid, Canadian Member of Parliament, wrote 4 letters demanding the Chinese authorities to release Chengyuan Wang, Ms. Yuzhi Wang's younger brother who was imprisoned simply because he is her relative. They did this solely to punish Yuzhi for having spoken out and revealed the truth of the persecution. Below is a letter from Mr. Reid to Mr. Chen Youcai, Minister of Public Security of Heilongjiang Province. Mr. Reid also wrote letters to Mr. Mei Ping, Ambassador, Chinese Embassy in Ottawa; Mr. Sun Gangyi, 26th Section, Ministry of Public Security of Heilongjiang Province; and Mr. Wang Weixu, Chief, Harbin Public Security Bureau.

July 14, 2003

Mr. Chen Youcai,

Minister of Public Security of Heilongjiang Province,

145 Zhongshang Street

Nangang District, Harbin

150008, CHINA

Dear Mr. Chen Youcai

I am writing on behalf of a Canadian resident, Ms. Yuzhi Wang of Vancouver, Canada, who has written to me to ask for help. Her brother, Chengyuan Wang, 37, has been illegally detained in your country. On January 17, 2003 he was abducted and remains incarcerated at the Heilongjiang Public Security Bureau. No explanation has been provided for his imprisonment. It is quite possible that he has been erroneously imprisoned as a practitioner of Falun Gong, but there has been no proof that he is indeed a follower of this particular spiritual belief. I strongly urge you to release this prisoner who has done nothing wrong. This illegal incarceration is unacceptable.


Scott Reid,

Canadian Member of Parliament