Recently, the "Falun Gong Internet Investigation System" that was developed by the Chinese Academy of Science to block Internet access to Falun Gong websites has received a lot of criticism by a large number of Internet users. Many feel that it is a ridiculous act by the Chinese Academy of Science that has brought great shame to our nation.

After reading their criticisms I had many reflections. My mind first went to the beginning of 2001, when Jiang's regime staged the so-called "self-immolation" incident. I recalled how many people were deceived by the lies and began attacking Falun Gong on the Internet as a result. In the face of such great difficulty, Dafa practitioners did not give way and continued to clarify the truth to sentient beings while sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Through two years of arduous effort, more and more people have become clear-headed and no longer believe the evil's lies, and are able to step forward against this persecution. This is the mighty virtue of Dafa and Dafa practitioners! It's certain that the evil can only end in disgrace. Looking at the current situation, isn't it already starting to be so? Even within the Chinese government many officials are already secretly scoffing at Jiang's actions, and it will surely be an ignominious ending for him. He has wasted so much of the nation's resources to persecute good and innocent people. The consequences for his actions will surely be dreadful!

Everyone has a heart of kindness deep down. When our compassion touches others, they wake up and are able to distinguish the evil from the righteous. At the present time, we practitioners in Mainland China feel that clarifying the truth has become easier and easier. More and more people have begun to wake up, and more and more people can now be saved. We really feel happy, and at the same time we know our responsibilities! Let us continue our efforts in clarifying the truth to the precious Chinese people and give all we can in saving sentient beings!

Our thanks to all overseas practitioners! You have been working very hard!