[Clearharmony.net] A real example of the principle that one's entire family benefits when one practices Falun Dafa is that the members of my family who are not practitioners seldom become sick, and I have gradually become used to this. However when I thought more about this, I realized this attitude is incorrect. To us practitioners, this might not be considered a profound principle of the Fa. Some people might be caught up in thinking that this is just "luck". But this is a manifestation of the Fa in the human world. We have the responsibility to record it as an aspect of the new culture that is to be left behind for the people of the future.

Below is an example of how this principle manifested in my family.

Last summer, my husband (a German Caucasian) was suddenly afflicted with five diseases, some major and some minor. In three months, he had to visit the doctor nearly every day. Thus all of a sudden, we were extremely busy. At that time, I had already cultivated for two years and could properly handle the relationship between a practitioner and the everyday world. No matter what happened, I could remain unmoved. This state of mind reflected onto my husband such that he too did not appear to be as agitated as most people would normally have been. Another thing I have to mention is that in Germany, the doctors are mostly very serious and responsible. They do a thorough checkup from head to toe if there is any illness. Therefore, in these three months, all they did was conduct laboratory tests and diagnose the illnesses, and had not started any treatments. Yet each time, it ended up that the disease disappeared without any apparent reason, sometimes even before any medication was prescribed.

First it was an aching back. On examination, it was discovered that the lumbar vertebrae was injured. Before deciding on whether to operate, the doctor first gave several injections to reduce the inflammation, then took an X-ray. After a series of examinations, the doctor went against his initial reaction of the severity of the problem and finally concluded that the situation was not serious at all. If an operation were done, it could easily damage the nerves and lead to paralysis. However when the disease was initially diagnosed, the doctor had considered it to be so serious that an operation would have to be done.

Subsequently, it was discovered during a checkup that my husband had high blood pressure. We were also not too concerned about this but the doctor was very cautious. He conducted blood tests and laboratory tests. Before we knew it, two months had passed and when my husband's blood pressure was taken once again, it was so normal that even the doctor was amazed. Quietly, he withdrew his plans for treatment.

A swelling of the thyroid gland had been discovered more than ten years ago but recently, my husband could feel something swelling every time he swallowed food. Hence, he quickly went to the doctor for a checkup. The specialist recommended removal of the thyroid gland through an operation. Subsequently, we consulted the top specialist in this field in Germany and he began an examination from scratch. We were kept very busy having X-rays taken. The biggest worry was that it might turn into cancer. Also because the visits to this doctor were even further away, we appeared to be even busier. After several months of thorough checkups, the doctor suggested that the condition was rather stable and benign (it was not one of those that could easily deteriorate into cancer). Treatment, however, could aggravate and worsen the condition. At this moment, the disease had not reached the stage that an operation must be done. My husband only felt "lucky" and totally forgot about the difficulties he'd had in swallowing and that only an operation could solve the problem.

We were already kept very busy by my husband's illnesses. On top of that, he got a toothache. On examination, his gum was rotten and needed to be treated for a period of time. Unexpectedly, on the second treatment, as the dentist was cleaning the gum, he asked my husband whether it hurt, my husband answered "no". The dentist was very puzzled. "It should hurt!" Not long after, my husband's tooth recovered completely.

Another incident that must be mentioned one in which my husband was bitten by a flea. Once, after returning from a walk, my daughter found a small insect biting her arm but it could not be removed. The whole family then rushed to the skin specialist for an examination where it was proven that my daughter had been bitten by a tick. This a blood sucking insect that causes the spread of diseases. After being bitten, the faeces and secretion of the tick will create poisonous substances that are harmful to the nerves and lead to breathing difficulties and quickening of the pulse. In severe cases, it could lead to death. There are two kinds, one acute and one slow in its effects. In Germany, this is a kind of parasitic and contagious disease that makes people turn pale when they hear of it. After taking a blood sample of my daughter, my husband being worried, also asked the doctor to take his blood test at the same time. A week later, the doctor said my daughter was all right; however, my husband had not only been bitten recently but had also been bitten before, thus his condition was quite serious. The doctor had already come up with a treatment plan lasting for six months and also suggested that my husband actively coordinate with him. He told my husband to be prepared for a long battle. The past three months were spent taking and testing his blood one time after another. The old doctor was highly experienced, calm and reliable. Finally, just before starting the plan of treatment, just in case, the doctor took another blood test to check the progress of the condition. A week later, as if preparing to meet the enemy, very early, my husband dressed up neatly and went to the doctor to begin the treatments. However not long after, he returned home smiling and announced loudly the words of the doctor: "Either the gods are helping you or a miracle has happened, but in any case, the virus in your body has completely disappeared. Dear Sir, I, the skin specialist, can no longer help you. You can go home with no worries!"

As I was writing this, my husband's face suddenly turned pale. With hands clutching his chest, both hands shaking slightly, he shouted that he was feeling uncomfortable and told me to be prepared to call the emergency doctor. I knew that this was interference and thus went to another room to send righteous thoughts to clear out the bad elements which were causing it. A few minutes later, as I prepared to make the phone call, my husband's symptoms had already disappeared. Even though his heart was still beating rather fast, colour had returned to his face and he was reading his magazine intently. This is an interlude that took place while writing this article.

During these three months, I received greetings from concerned, anxious relatives and friends continuously. When they saw that we were not worried, they would all tell us anxiously how serious the condition was, and how dangerous it was to one's life. One even told us that his colleague had died as a result of the virus from the tick attacking his nervous system. Another good friend of mine asked me a year after the incident whether the operation on my husband's back had been successful. It took me a lot of effort to recall that indeed there was one time when my husband was going to have such an operation. I then took the opportunity to introduce Dafa to her and the effect was quite good.

During these few years of my cultivation, not only has my husband become physically stronger and fitter, the changes in other aspects have also been quite big. He often has a comfortable feeling being around me. When he sees me thinking less and less of myself, he becomes very anxious. Therefore in front of his family or in front of strangers, he is always defending me, fighting and insisting that I finish what I want to say regardless that we practitioners do not care about being at a disadvantage in front of people. Also, whatever he does, he likes me to be around. Even if I can't be around, he's also glad if he can have a quick look at me. I can understand how my husband feels. Thus everyday, I take some time to chat with him or simply sit down with him for a while. Hence, despite the continuously escalating persecution of Falun Gong in China, my husband still supports me in my cultivation enthusiastically. Of course there are things, which he himself cannot explain at the moment. The reasons behind all of this Master Li has written very clearly in Zhuan Falun: "People within your field may unintentionally have their illnesses healed since this field can rectify all abnormal conditions. ....Only the energy field from cultivation practice in a righteous way can produce such an effect. Therefore, in the past there was this saying in Buddhism: "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." This is what it means"

While writing this article, I was struggling with conflicting thoughts: This is such a fundamental principle, is there a need to write about it? Through the interlude mentioned above, I then thought that this is an opportunity given me to validate Dafa. Thus I calmed down and finished writing the article. Dafa is responsible for us and we should also be responsible towards Dafa; Dafa is harmonizing us and we should also harmonize Dafa. Though it is a small matter, we should regard it seriously and use it to show the truth, authenticity and goodness of Dafa to people.