January 22, 2003


When I was locked up in the detention center, I met a female inmate. The better I treated her the more she cursed at me. At the beginning my mind was not moved a bit. Later on a practitioner asked me, "Why does she always treat you like this? Look inside yourself!" Then I asked myself, "What have I done wrong that makes her act this way? Under these conditions I need to take the Fa as my Teacher and be even stricter with myself; even my good thoughts towards her need to be righteous, without blame and without hatred; compassion can resolve everything." So whenever she gave me a hard time and treated me unfairly, I tolerated her. However, the situation got worse. She was on me all day, even when I went to sleep, lying in bed with my eyes closed or open, she would yell and curse at me. I treated her well and did not expect anything in return; I wanted to let her know through my actions that "Falun Dafa is good" and thereby bring her a brighter future! But why did she always treat me that way?

The next day she was chatting with the person in charge of our unit, "This is the way I am; the better someone treats me, the more I hate that person. I treat my parents the same way." Sitting nearby, I heard it and I understood. When all of us were having our meal, I knew she would pick on me again. She started to yell and curse at me without any reason. This time I no longer tolerated it passively. I stood up calmly while everyone was sitting down. I seriously and firmly said to her, "Don't think that because I practice Zhen, Shen, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance,) you can let your evil side go wild! Dafa practitioners' compassion is mighty and solemn."

Everyone was shocked and no one made a sound. After a few minutes, other inmates called her over and told her they disapproved of what she did. Three days later, I was released. All the inmates clapped for me. As I was getting into the car, this inmate who had always cursed at me ran over by the gate with tears on her face and said, "Take care, sister. You don't belong here. I was wrong."