(Clearwisdom.net) From the end of December 2001 to the beginning of January 2002, all determined Dafa practitioners in this forced labor camp were tied up with ropes. From 63-year-olds to a seventeen year-old teenage girl, no one was left out. Our winter coats were taken away. The only warm clothing left to us was our sweaters. Some had only cotton shirts. When we were tied up, we were forced to maintain a half-squat position. The abusers added wooden sticks and bricks to the area in the back of our knees. We had to bend at the waist and lower our head. The arms were tied tightly with ropes, so tightly that they dug into our flesh. Some even had their neck and ankles connected with ropes. The guards twisted their arms to the back, pulling upward without letting up, while someone else pulled the rope still tighter. This torture caused people to suffer unbearable pain.

Cui Qiuju was tortured for three days and nights. The beatings led to severe injury. Wang Guihua was tortured for four days and nights. Her lower back was injured severely. She still has difficulty walking. Wang Aifang was tied up and kicked black and blue in the abdominal area by drug addict convicts because of practicing the Falun Gong exercises.

In order to resist the evil persecution, Dafa practitioners in No. 2 Division did not call out their numbers at report time, and didn't go to work. They were also tied up. Late at night, the terrifying screams could be heard. Practitioners' body were seriously injured. Walking became very difficult for them. Dafa practitioners in No. 4 Division protested with hunger strike. They were force-fed.

On family visitation day, the officials of the forced labor camp made the visiting family members sign on a paper that slandered Dafa. Any visitor who refused to sign was denied permission to visit.

Due to the brutal torture, we could not walk or raise our arms. We have been forced to do military training and forced labor. Newly kidnapped Dafa practitioners are locked up in solitary confinement rooms, deprived of sleep, and kept under strict, constant surveillance. They cannot even close their eyes.

The brutality is continuing. There were about 80 Dafa practitioners brutally tortured in four divisions of this Shibalihe Female Forced Labor Camp around January 2002.

The so-called "enrolling in a camp class" is in fact a brainwashing class. Several former Dafa practitioners who now assist in the persecution monitored Dafa practitioners for brainwashing twenty-four hours a day. One practitioner was locked up in a solitary confinement for a month. She was not allowed to have contact with the outside. Drug addicts and the collaborators [Former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture.] alternated to monitor the practitioner and didn't allow that person to sleep before 2 o'clock in the morning.

In March this year, Jia Meili, in her thirties, chief of the No. 3 Division, forcibly took Dafa practitioner Han Fulan to the new office building to tie her up because she practiced the Falun Gong exercises. Han Fulan was also tied up and beaten. Two days after, Han Fulan lost consciousness. She urinated blood. Her mouth became swollen because of the rope. Both shoulders became an unrecognizable mess of blood and flesh, and she could not touch water for several months. Even today there are two very deep scars left on her shoulders. She was unconscious when carried back.

From May 23 to June 4, the camp authorities ordered bootcamp style training, separated 14 Dafa practitioners from others, and started the training. One afternoon, because Dafa practitioners refused to watch the Dafa-slandering video, they were taken outside under the sun and were left the entire noon hour, exposed to 98-100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

Dafa practitioners from the No. 4 Division protested with a hunger strike. Again they were brutally beaten. A guard named Zhang Lanying and a security officer beat Dafa practitioner Zhang Hanwen who is from the Zhenzhou area. Zhang Hanwen's leg was broken. Since then she has been unable to get off the bed. Some Dafa practitioners' mouths suffered split or torn lips.

Authorities from the Anyang detention center illegally detained Anyang area Dafa practitioner Chang Xirong for one year and eight months. This practitioner is currently illegally detained at the Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp with a three-year sentence.

The List of Authorities Committing Criminal Acts in the Shibalihe Female Forced Labor Camp in Henan Province

The chief of the labor camp, Wu, led the persecution of Dafa practitioners, tying people up with ropes. He and several security guards tied Dafa practitioner Ding Xiangqin from the back and used a wooden stick pushed through the hollow of the arms and ropes to hang her up. He instigated security personnel to kick and beat her. They tortured her for a day and a night. This forced labor camp used all kinds of excuses to extend the terms, added additional terms and didn't release practitioners whose terms were expiring, but they still have not renounced their belief.

Criminal police woman Hu Zhaoxia, deputy chief of the No. 3 Division, always thought of ways to persecute Dafa practitioners and threatened practitioners who didn't follow her orders that they would be tied up with ropes. Because Dafa practitioner Wang Aifang crossed her legs, Hu ordered a security person to tie her up with ropes. She was taken away three times in three days.

Deputy labor camp chief Zhou Xiaohong, the former chief of the No.2 Division. When she was in the No. 2 Division, she instigated collaborators [those people who at one time practiced Falun Dafa but are now aiding and abetting in the persecution] and drug addicts to beat Dafa practitioners and deprived them of sleep. Because she had "made a contribution to the persecution" she was promoted to deputy labor camp chief.

Policewoman Chen, from the education section, was responsible for video recording. She saw that 63 years old Luohe Dafa practitioner Yang Xiuhua could not stretch her arm to the proper position when doing the exercises because of injury from the rope. She said viciously, "It's too light on you. Why didn't I tie you until you died?" Yang is 63 years old already, past the legal age for detention, but has been illegally detained for over one year.

Policewoman Han Jixin, captain of the No. 2 team of the No. 3 Division, chastised prisoners who are drug addicts and are made responsible for monitoring Dafa practitioners saying, "Don't treat them gently."

We hope all the kind-hearted people will come together to stop this persecution.