1. In a city in northeast China, a practitioner got on a bus one day. She watched a young girl on the bus ask her mother to take a look at the words "Falun Dafa Is Good" that appeared on the back of the front seat. Her mother replied, "What is good about it? People are sent to jail!" The practitioner could see that the mother was one of people who had been deceived by the regime's lies, and walked over to clarify the truth to her. As she approached with a smile on her face, she kindly said, "You know, you are your child's first teacher. Can you so casually say such a thing when you yourself are not aware of the truth of the matter? You are responsible for teaching your child the truth! So please let me help you understand." The practitioner then warmly explained to the child and her mother the true facts behind many notable recent events in China's history, particularly the Tiananmen staged immolation incident. By the end of the conversation, the girl's mother had awoken to the truth and told the practitioner, "Thank you. Now I understand."
  2. A non-practitioner told a practitioner, "You Falun Gong practitioners are really wise. Today I saw a policeman running down the street, chasing a pigeon. There was a red cloth tied to the pigeon's foot, and on it was written, 'Falun Dafa Is Good!'"
  3. A young practitioner, named Yiner, is in his second year of school. His classmate picked up a Falun Gong pamphlet and wanted to hand it over to the teacher. Yiner said to him, "Don't hand it in. Let me trade you for two nice pieces of writing paper." His classmate replied, "No! I will tell the teacher your mother practices Falun Gong." Yiner said righteously, "I am not afraid. I also practice Falun Gong!" In the face of Yiner's righteous thoughts, his classmate changed his attitude and said, "Never mind. I won't tell the teacher. Let's trade like you suggested."