(Clearwisdom.net) In the last week or so, some cities in Liaoning Province mass-produced a particular booklet entitled "Urgently Calling on Dafa Disciples Around the World to ... for 24 Hours." The first article entitled, "Urgently Calling on Dafa Disciples Around the World..." said with a fervent tone in its section, "Cut off all replenishment from the evil! Completely destroy the great head demon!!! (Continue until actual, clear information is given.)" This article was not one published by Clearwisdom, and the individual opinions within are still subject to everyone's rational understanding based on the Fa. However, due to its influence, quite a few practitioners who have not studied the Fa deeply have abandoned their Fa-rectification work in order to go to Beijing to send forth righteous thoughts at a close distance, severely disrupting local truth-clarification work. It is very important to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors that control the head of the evil, but meanwhile, we feel that more Dafa disciples, from this event, need to mature as quickly as possible on the basis of the Fa.

Master has clearly pointed out in "Rationality," published on August 9, 2000, that we must "Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence." In recent Fa lectures Master has also clearly pointed out three things that we must do well: study the Fa, clarify the truth, and send forth righteous thoughts. Each of these three items are of utmost importance. None of these tasks should be overemphasized at the expense of the others, but at present, clarifying the truth is more important. In this critical moment during the Fa-rectification process, how to walk down a righteous path as one entity of Dafa disciples, how to truly achieve "reason," "wisdom" and "benevolence," how to take each step solidly and steadily--these are matters that each of us Fa-rectification period disciples must take seriously. Only by doing so will we be able to live up to our historical mission and avoid doing things that violate our pledge.

Before completing cultivation, every cultivator has Buddha-nature as well as demon-nature. Once human sentimentality, notions and attachments are mixed in, demon-nature becomes more able to exert influence. Going to extremes and doing things overzealously are precisely typical manifestations of people becoming unable to view matters with rationality under the interference of demon-nature. The old forces will not pass up the chance to grab hold of and magnify these types of attachments in order to use cultivators to interfere with Fa-rectification. As cultivators, when we have lost in our hearts the harmony and serenity that Dafa disciples should have, that means we should immediately study the Fa with a calm heart/mind and look within; otherwise it will be very easy to become lost in a partial understanding of a particular matter.

Additionally, to call upon Dafa disciples all over the world to take a specific action based on a personal understanding of some matter--this is an extremely flippant, irresponsible act, one that is not based on the Fa at all. Dafa disciples "take the Fa as Teacher." Once the Fa principles are understood, everyone will naturally know how to act on the basis of the Fa. Any coordinated action by Dafa disciples all over the world is a grand matter of great consequence in the cosmos. How can it be just decided by one or a few people who are still cultivating? In reality, if it were not due to the attachment of inflated self-importance, everyone would calmly be able to consider beforehand: "If what I enlightened to is incorrect, what kind of losses will this bring to other Dafa disciples, to the overall situation of Fa-rectification and to Dafa disciples as a whole." Based on this, one would handle the matter with rationality and prudence.

In reality, when our thoughts are pure and righteous, regardless of where they are sent from, they are unstoppable and very powerful. When we cannot achieve that level of purity and righteousness, sending forth righteous thoughts from close proximity can have the effect of making up for it. Then, looking from the perspective of the Fa-rectification's overall situation, how the entire body of Dafa disciples can maturely handle the relationship between using righteous thoughts to eliminate evil and clarifying the truth, how to remove everything that is impure through Fa-rectification cultivation practice in a timely fashion -- this is directly related to the process of Fa-rectification. Sending forth righteous thoughts is something sacred and magnificent that has been especially granted to Dafa disciples during Fa-rectification; it's not a simple procedure of everyday people. As a special example, if we were to abandon the work of clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts while bringing along the attachment to achieving results, the anxiety of a human mentality, the attachment to taking the short and expedient path, the competitive mentality and showing off, and the attachment to establishing achievements and benefit for oneself--not only would this not bring about the desired result, it would possibly bring the whole body into turmoil by humanly creating various difficulties. Only after time was wasted and past would we suddenly realize the truth, but then, how would we be able to face the losses that we incurred for the sentient beings and Fa-rectification?

Let us all take the Fa as Teacher, avoid acting overzealously, and not allow the evil to take advantage of gaps. I suggest the practitioners who are circulating the booklet immediately calm their minds and consider this issue rationally. Review the action that they strongly and anxiously want others to follow and consider what kind of concrete impact it might bring to other Dafa disciples, what kind of consequences it will have on people of the world who do not yet know the truth, and what the effect will be from the evil's perspective. Only by holistically and rationally looking at problems from the basis of the Fa are we truly being responsible to Dafa, to ourselves, and to the sentient beings who have placed so much hope in us.