(Clearwisdom.net) For a long time now, I have observed that many fellow practitioners and I have had the following problem. When we clarify the truth, we regard the other person only as a human being, instead of clarifying the truth to their true being.

A human being has a Main Spirit and an Assistant Spirit. In addition to these Spirits, one has acquired notions, karma and thought karma. What is beneath the human body is the person's true being. The human body is worn like a hat and clothing, so to speak. [Karma and notions exist by wearing the body]. Since the true being is very much hidden and hard to detect, we often think that it is the person himself speaking. A person has a clear-headed side and a muddle-headed side. In regards to levels, when it seems that we talk about things and people don't understand, this is in fact because we talk from too high a level and fail to gear our words toward that person's level. The person is then controlled by karma and notions.

Around October, an article on Clearwisdom stated that when a female practitioner clarified the truth to her father, she could clearly tell when it was the karma speaking through her father's mouth, and when that happened she didn't say anything except eliminate the karma with righteous thoughts. When it was her father's Main Spirit speaking, she patiently clarified the truth.

Once I saw a fellow practitioner clarifying the truth to someone, and right at the beginning the practitioner said Buddha came to the human world to save people, the Fa rectifies the cosmos, and people should all cherish this opportunity, etc. In the end, this person mumbled something and ended the conversation. I also did the same thing when clarifying the truth to my uncle and one of my colleagues. The result was, after suppressing themselves for a while, they cut me off impatiently, "Don't say anymore!" Later, I realized after reflecting that when we say something too high above one's level, this person's karma and acquired notions would also hear this, and naturally these would all go against what they hear. What is truly against the truth clarification is not this person's Main Spirit; it's his karma and notions at work. From then on, I also added another righteous thought: use my supernormal capabilities to suppress this person's karma and notions and clarify the truth to this person's Main Spirit.

In the past, when I discussed things with my wife, I naturally spoke to her as a husband, but I found that she always used some trivial excuses in daily life to cover up [her attachments]. Later I changed my method and spoke directly to her Main Spirit and the outcome was different. Afterwards I realized that if I take her as my wife in my sub-consciousness, then I would be in fact speaking to the part of her life that composed the sentimentality between husband and wife, and that this part would naturally work as an obstruction. The same applies to our brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues.

When practitioners point out problems and shortcomings in each other, similar issues would arise. Cultivators have the side that's well cultivated, but they also have the side of human beings. They have various attachments and also the human side saved for us by Teacher that we are supposed to have for now to maintain our cultivation environment. When a fellow practitioner has a strong attachment, other practitioners often say, "Why is she like that?" While in fact, the most appropriate thing to say would be, "Why does her attachment show up like that?" For example, the first way of saying it would be, "She is very arrogant and always treats others with an air of superiority." But the second way would say, "The attachment of arrogance in her is very strong, and it manifests as an air of superiority." The first statement mixes the cultivated side and the attachment and regards them both as her, while the second one separates them. This is why she would somehow show resentment and would be less likely to accept it if we used the first statement, while the second one is much easier to accept.

I have brought up this issue in order to attract valuable feedback.