Recently, some of my fellow practitioners have been involved in some arguments involving their differing opinions on how to introduce the Fa and how to convey the truth to more people.

Today we have just had large-scale group practice. How comfortable I felt, and how enjoyable it was. With eyes closed in meditation, I felt that I had come to an extremely distant cosmos, where the entire place was filled with mercy, harmony, and an indescribable brilliance. There was a colossal god, whose body seemed to cover many universes. He calmly moved his hand to pull open a window. He was going to watch a play that was showing stories that happened trillions of years ago. Looking downward through the window, the play was so clear and real, and all events were shown in detail. The characters had names, and all of their happiness, anger, sadness, joy and sentiments were fully expressed. This play was actually displaying the arguments among our fellow practitioners, and everyone was acting differently.

With a serene smile on his face, his heart was unmoved by the lively yet stressful developments of the play. He only expressed mercy and compassion through his eyes, even though he had also played a role in the events trillions of years ago. Indeed, he had participated in the Fa-rectification during that great colossal cosmic change, although he had felt hesitation, disappointment and desperation. Although he had argued with others based on ordinary human judgment of right and wrong, now all that was lighter than a cloud and thinner than mist. Now the only thing remaining in his mind was the feeling of being so extremely fortunate and grateful.

Suddenly, I found myself back in this world, and I re-entered my body. I am carrying an unknown quantity of black karma, and my life and cultivation is interfered with due to remaining bad notions in my brain. However, I will continue to strive forward to take the path that I should take, as my consciousness becomes clearer and wiser.