(Clearwisdom.net) I know from the principles of the Fa that the power of compassion is great. However, I don't always feel the true, mighty virtue of compassion. One day, the words "harmonize everything with compassion" suddenly appeared in my mind. I felt that the Fa had opened a door for me to wisdom. All of a sudden, I understood those words in many ways.

"Harmonizing everything with compassion" means using compassion to harmonize any element that is not righteous so that everything can return to its original level. It means using the boundless, mighty virtue of the Fa to rectify the firmament. Falun Dafa practitioners represent the Fa in this world. Our righteous thoughts and righteous actions manifest when we use the mighty virtue of the Fa to harmonize sentient beings with compassion.

Falun Dafa "has the Fa's power to repress evil, eliminate disorder, harmonize everything, and remain invincible" (from "Definitive Conclusion.") When I was not acting within the Fa, I couldn't feel the mighty virtue of compassion. When I tried to demonstrate my compassion, I was actually acting with an attachment of pursuit. As a result, I couldn't eliminate the unrighteous elements that were either external or internal to myself. When I was attached to my own feelings of compassion, I was actually looking at the Fa from an everyday person's level.

"Harmonizing everything with compassion" is a state in which one is enlightened to high-level principles. It is also a process of rectifying oneself. When we are "genuinely looking to benefit others" (from "Falun Buddha Fa, Lecture at the Conference in Singapore,") we will achieve the state of compassion and we will have the mighty virtue of the Fa. When we study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts, and clarify the facts with pure compassion, we are harmonizing sentient beings with compassion. This process can disintegrate any unrighteous element and help the Buddha nature of sentient beings to communicate with the Fa.

Studying the Fa well is "harmonizing everything with compassion." When we study the Fa with a pure heart and enlighten to the principles of the Fa, our corresponding attachments are eliminated and relevant sentient beings are harmonized with our compassion. Sending forth righteous thoughts is harmonizing everything with compassion because eliminating the evil that undermines the Fa saves the sentient beings that are controlled by the evil. Clarifying the facts also harmonizes everything with compassion. When we help others to know the truth, we awaken their Buddha nature and eliminate their demon nature, that part of them that is opposed to the Fa.

I came to realize that Teacher and the Fa have been harmonizing me with compassion. I, myself, also have been using the mighty virtue that the Fa has entrusted to me to harmonize sentient beings with compassion. Before, I was in pursuit of the feeling compassion instead of thinking about the real purpose of being compassionate.

Helping people to have righteous thoughts towards the Fa is truly harmonizing everything with compassion. Harmonizing others with compassion is harmonizing ourselves with compassion. Treating others with compassion is treating ourselves with compassion. When we help people to know the truth, the Fa can reach out to those people's Buddha nature through us. Those people and ouselves will melt into the Fa together. When every act, every word, and every thought of ours are compassionate toward others, we will be with the Fa. And we will reach the realm of being harmonious and invincible.

When we strengthen our main consciousness and purify our hearts, we will be able to show the mighty virtue of the Fa that harmonizes everything with compassion. When we have a strong main consciousness, we will be able to always remember our responsibilities as Falun Dafa practitioners and actively do the three things that Falun Dafa practitioners are supposed to do. When our hearts are pure, we will be entrusted with the Fa's power to repress evil and to eliminate disorder. All the evil things or the things that are difficult to eliminate will be completely eradicated.

"Harmonizing everything with compassion" is a state of being that is completely free of attachment. It is a manifestation of our true nature. Our true nature is compassionate, so we should be able to act in a state of harmonizing everything with compassion. When we feel frustrated because of ordinary people's evil behavior, we are actually being driven by the evil. Can our true nature be driven by the evil? Of course not. Then what is driven by the evil? It is definitely not the righteous side of ours; it is our notions and karma.

One day, I received an email responding to a truth-clarification message that I had sent out earlier. The email was full of dirty and slanderous words against the Fa. I was angered. I told myself to stay calm and to remember that the sentient beings that have been deceived by the evil are not the evil itself. However, I still wrote a very harsh email in response. At that time, I thought my email would make the person become clear-headed. As soon as I sent the email, I felt uneasy. After calmly reflecting on my action, I found that I was being driven by the evil and I wasn't compassionate towards that person. I told myself that if the person replied to my email, I should treat him with compassion. The next day, I received a reply. This time, his words were even dirtier and more vicious. My compassion was awakened when I realized how badly this person had been poisoned by the evil. I answered his email at once. In my email, I apologized to him. I told him why I started to practice Falun Dafa and my experiences in practicing Falun Dafa. After that, he did not write even one bad word to me.

I was deeply moved by this experience. And, my xinxing (mind or heart nature; moral character) was also greatly improved. Now when I think about it, I have come to understand that the evil beings are "just like poison, if you want it not to poison people it can't do that -- that's just how it is." (From "Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference.") When we show our compassion, the evil beings simply collapse. However, if we try to fight against the evil with bad manners, the evil will stay there stubbornly and ferociously. Compassionate beings can send off high energy and pure gong (cultivation energy.) How could the evil beat that? But when we fight against the evil with bad manners, we send off things that are similar to the evil. If we are at the same level as the evil, how can the evil be restricted?

Our compassionate behavior in our daily lives can also "harmonize sentient beings with compassion." After I was released from a brainwashing class, a colleague of mine told me that when he talked to another colleague about me, they both said, "Such a kind person. There is no reason for him to be treated like that and to suffer like that." A person that used to be my colleague came to visit me when he was on a business trip to my city. He said, "I wouldn't have come to visit you if you were not a good person." I clarified the facts to him. He believed what I told him because I have the reputation of being a hard-working employee, being proficient in my work, and not fighting for fame or material interests. I am known at my company to be a very nice person. My bosses and my colleagues have been trying their best to protect me so that I wasn't subject to the brutal persecution for a long period of time.

When I was arrested, many of my colleagues felt sorry for me and thought it was unfair. They tried many ways to get me released. I think it is the power of compassion that I have cultivated in the Fa that has automatically disintegrated the evil elements [at my company]. When I clarify the facts with a compassionate heart to my colleagues, it seems there is not resistance at all. If I feel any resistance, it is actually from myself. It is there because I haven't completely formed the mechanism that can automatically harmonize the sentient beings with compassion. This mechanism is formed from our daily solid cultivation. There is no other way to form it. Thus, I have come to realize how important it is to improve myself with a pure heart.

To harmonize the sentient beings with compassion, we need to have righteous thoughts and righteous actions. There is no way to harmonize the sentient beings if we hide in our home to study the Fa or practice the exercises. Staying [at home] in the so-called state of compassion instead of going out to clarify the facts is not a true manifestation of compassion. Also, it is an omission if we do things based on our own tastes or preferences. Compassion can be manifested in various things that practitioners do. It can be manifested in our words and our actions. And, it can be manifested in our environments and our actions.

The essence of "harmonizing everything with compassion" is to save and to rectify the sentient beings and to make the firmament harmonious and invincible. All these things need to be achieved through the mighty virtue of our righteous thoughts and righteous actions that the Fa has entrusted to us.