(Clearwisdom.net) "The sky cracks open, and the earth burns, The evil tries to hide, the wicked ones to flee, As gong surges forth, evil spirits wail and scream" (The Foretelling). It isn't that the final decisive battle will begin when the head of the evil arrives in North America. The final decisive battle of the cosmos has already begun. The evil beings are going all out, including the rotten demons hiding in very deep dimensions. Also participating are the alien substances hiding in the practitioners' body systems. The evil beings divide themselves into six groups. Three of the groups are entrenched in the State of Texas, one is entrenched in Chicago, another one specializes in protecting the head of the evil, and the last one specializes in both interfering with all the practitioners and sustaining the persecution in China.

The final decisive battle shakes all dimensions in the cosmos. All gods are watching, through a little hole and from their individual universes, the final decisive battle between righteousness and evil that takes place on the tiny Earth. Viewed from up there, flames light up the sky, heaven and earth are turned upside down, and the glint and flash of cold steel shines forth.

In this human dimension, as of late many practitioners do not feel well physically. They have symptoms similar to those of severe colds and feel pain in their bones etc. Many alien substances in their body systems have already been eliminated. However, there is also the possibility that their God-bodies might be injured. The old forces do not allow the other gods in the cosmos to help in the final battle. They emphasize that it is the Falun Dafa practitioners' own responsibility, and that it is up to the Dafa practitioners themselves to win this battle.

There are also some Dafa practitioners who have interfering elements emphasized against them. Even if these practitioners only have a few attachments, the evil will magnify their attachments and squeeze some vicious demons into these practitioners' bodies, so as to restrain them.

After the great battles in Germany, Iceland and Northern Europe, the evil has been eliminated in large quantity. If we compare in scale, if the evil before was as large as a tree, the remaining evil is now as small as a leaf.

Some practitioners still look at the Fa-rectification situation from the perspective of comparing human forces. They feel that the evil forces are still very strong and large-scaled. All these notions will restrict the power of their gong in other dimensions. The real situation is not like this. The strength of Dafa practitioners' gong is powerful beyond description, and it has the absolute advantage in other dimensions. There are also some practitioners who are attached to the existence of evil in this dimension. They are impatient to see or hear results, and this also shows their lack of righteous belief in Teacher and the Fa. When practitioners have attachments, the evil will test them by presenting all kinds of false, illusory phenomena.

When we have a strong, righteous belief in the Fa, we are "with an air of supremacy and of destroying all evil in the cosmos." (Righteous Thoughts) In the final battle, the evil may create all kinds of false phenomena or send out false news and rumors. As Falun Dafa practitioners, we keep the Fa in our minds. Our hearts will remain as calm as still water. We will not take note of anything we see, nor pay any mind to anything we hear. And we will not be controlled by anything external.

This is just my personal enlightenment, which may be restricted by both my levels and by my personal understanding. Please strictly take the Fa as the Teacher.