Discussion on Righteous Thoughts

This is a discussion on the importance of clarifying the truth with righteous thoughts, starting with a story from before our trip to Texas. I went to the American Institute in Taiwan to apply for a visa. The immigration officer looked at my application form, and said, "I can not issue a visa to you, because I can not be sure that you will come back." I calmed myself, and talked to her with pure righteous thoughts, "I know the United States is a very good country, but I love my own country. The reason that I want to go there now is because Falun Gong practitioners are being severely persecuted in China, I must express my concern on the basic human right to believe when the Chinese Official goes to President Bush's ranch. This is very important." She was looking at me while I was talking. I continued, "I know that my situation might not be enough to prove that I will not stay in the United States, but we Falun Dafa practitioners cultivate according to Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance; I do not lie or deceive people. After I expressed my concerns, I will come back right away. Believe me." So she issued a visa to me. I was so glad that she made this decision.

This is my experience with upgrading my xinxing (mind nature). If we see clearly the problems with our xinxing, naturally we will think things through based on the principles of the Fa. There will be no problem that cannot be solved, the key lies in our hearts. All things are controlled by Dafa, how can any of them not be solved?

News from Abroad and China

On October 8, 2002, professor Jamieson from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Campus, had for the second time invited Falun Gong practitioners to introduce Dafa to his class. Using a projector, the practitioners showed his 35 students how Dafa has spread around the world. Many students asked questions after class and did not leave until the next class began.

For the past three months, I persisted in distributing truth clarification flyers in my hometown. After my fax machine was connected, while sending out righteous thoughts, I faxed truth clarification flyers until the task was finished. Almost every single flyer was faxed successfully. The difference doing it this way is obvious when one compares the results with some other instances where a fax cannot be sent until after the third try. The power of righteous thoughts is great! Master's newly published scripture, "Righteous Thoughts," will hopefully inspire fellow practitioners to pay serious attention to send forth righteous thoughts so that they will work their greatest power and save all sentient beings.

Truth About Persecution

The Dabei Jail in Shenyang City became another place of terror, just as is the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, where Dafa practitioners are brutally tortured. Here, Dafa practitioners are often forced to stand against a wall, are being shocked with electric batons and placed into solitary confinement. While there, the practitioners' feet are fixed onto the bed and they cannot move. A toilet bucket is placed beside them. The Dabei Jail has an annual "death quota" of three, so the guards here torture Dafa practitioners relentlessly.

Latest News from China

On September 10, a banner that reads, "Falun Dafa is Good" was hung on a electric wire above a bus station in a county. Passersby all stopped and looked at the banner. Many people are saying: "Falun Gong practitioners are great! They hang the banner up high on the electric wire!"

Cultivation Stories

Ms. Zhang works in a government office. Although Zhang does not have a good education background, her belief in Dafa is firm. In year 2000, she went to appeal for Dafa in Beijing, and was illegally detained by the police. During her detention, Zhang clarified the truth to the police officers. As a result, the officers said to her finally, "We won't bother you again from now on." Whenever a "sensitive" date comes, Zhang's relatives and friends would remind her to be careful. She thought: "Those who arrest me will meet their retributions. They do not dare to do so." Holding the righteous thought in her mind, she met no trouble at all. Although some practitioner around her are persecuted badly, the persecutors rarely harass Ms. Zhang.