By breaking away from human notions, we are able to actively catch up with the progress of Fa rectification

"More than 130 practitioners were in a critical situation after being forced to go on hunger strike at the Masanjia Labor Camp!" Upon receiving this urgent message we all realized that this is an opportunity for us to advance towards consummation, an opportunity to save sentient beings in this world, and it was an opportunity created by practitioners in China with their very own lives. We must seize this opportunity to clarify the truth and to expose the evil. We must make a clean sweep of the arrangements set up by the old forces. Their arrangements in Europe to block people from receiving the Fa must be utterly abolished. So we decided to appeal immediately in front of the Chancellor's Office in the capital city of Berlin.

Yet it was just during the summer recess for all the government and parliament (Bundestag in German). Chancellor Gerhard Schr der himself was also out of town in meetings and was not in Berlin. We were all concerned at the beginning whether it would be useful taking time off to come to Berlin. Right away we discovered that this was not a simple question of human notions, but rather an indication of our lack of righteous faith in Dafa. Everything was arranged for Dafa and all things were under the control of gods. Teacher and other gods will help us once we set our mind right. Thus, practitioners from all over Germany mobilized and rapidly converged upon Berlin. On August 14, we started our five-day appeal via our meditation in front of the Chancellor's Office.

Interestingly enough, Chancellor Gerhard Schr der interrupted his trip to eastern Germany the next day because of an urgent situation. He returned to Berlin for an emergency meeting. On that day senior members from two human rights organizations joined us and spoke out for Falun Gong. They appealed to the German Government to ask China to stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Further, with the European Parliament's decision of sending NATO troops to Macedonia, all Bundestag members returned early to Berlin so as to attend the emergency meeting. Upon learning of this news we were all encouraged from within our hearts. We recognized that this is an opportunity arranged by the Teacher so that we could establish the predestined relationship with members of the Bundestag. Right after our appeal in front of the Chancellor's Office we applied for the permit to stage continuous appeal activities in front of the Bundestag Building. Our application received unprecedented approval right away.

Through the experience these past few days, we finally recognized the root cause of the lack of progress in our earlier effort to clarify the truth. Indeed we were limited by our numerous human perceptions. The evil exploited our complacency, fear, concerns and took advantage of us. For example, before, we always had the preconceived notion that we could never find parliament members during vacation time, as no one would be around. Or, we could not find them while the Bundestag was in session since they would be very busy. Just like that we wasted two years of valuable time. We felt so ashamed.

Coordinate with the whole group so that we act in unison

Many practitioners experienced significant changes after returning from the Washington D.C. Conference. We realized that what the evil feared the most was if we genuinely assimilated as a single group. The evil beings behind the scene carried out their insidious acts by taking advantage of the blockage of various dimensions, including our own segregation among practitioners. After reading Shanshan's article (10) on describing how "imagination" interferes with us, causing distrust among practitioners, our minds became clearer. We must never adhere to the evil's arrangement. If we always look from within and each of us can take on tasks without hesitation, wicked beings won't get far with their interference.

Within the week we formed many teams among all the practitioners coming to Berlin. Each team had one German and one Chinese practitioner and they complemented each other nicely. We spread out to find media and various branches of the government. If parliament members were not in, then we would clarify truth with other government workers, even security guards and building maintenance people, giving them newspapers and appeal letters. We did not overlook a single opportunity to save people. We immediately gave out the newly produced VCD that had been dubbed in German. The VCD contained truth clarification information about the "self-immolation" and persecution. The video program was also put on the web so that it could be viewed on-line via the Internet. In four days all 600 members received two letters, telling them about the truth of the "self-immolation" and asking them to provide any possible assistance to practitioners in the Mansanjia labor camp.

Practitioners who did not come to Berlin worked locally in conjunction with practitioners in Berlin. They also visited many organizations. Some practitioners actively sought out the Chancellor's and other government official's itineraries so that they could meet with them and give them literature in other parts of Germany. The results were very encouraging. After a few days there were significant changes in the situation. Practitioners had met with the Bundestag President's assistant, officials in the State department, as well as members of the Chancellor's office. They also visited many Bundestag members' office, state parliament members, various party members, city governments and organizations. They received much valuable support.