Note: The following is a letter a well-known teacher and journalist in Toronto, Canada sent to the Prime Minister. The author's name was withheld to avoid interferrence from the Chinese Consulate.

Dear Mr. Chretien,

The time is ripe, in the light of the successful Beijing Olympic bid and the Chinese desire for support against the American plan to renew the arms race, for efforts to be made to encourage that nation to abide by international standards of behaviour towards faith groups in its midst. The treatment of the Falun Gong practitioners is particularly abhorrent. I would hope that every diplomatic effort would be made to convince that nation that increased trade would depend on a more compassionate treatment of minority believers within its borders.


Name Withheld

Note: The following is an email from a well-known retired lawyer in Toronto, Canada, to the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister before their upcoming state visit to China. The identity of the author was withheld to avoid interference from the Chinese consulate.

Dear Prime Minister:

I hope that in your forthcoming visit to China, you will remind the Chinese government that Canadians have a very bad impression of the [government sponsored] repression of Falun Gong.

Yours sincerely,

Name Withheld