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1. The Fa saves all beings

Not long ago, I was forcibly sent to a place by the police for so-called "reforming." There were lots of practitioners there already. Facing these illegal actions, I told the person in charge, "Nobody can deny 'Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance.' The Chinese government never said that it's not good to have 'Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance.' How are you going to reform those kind-hearted people who are always doing good things according to these principles? Will you reform them to be bad people? What you've done is to help the evil, and what you are waiting for is the great law to punish you..."

My voice was quite loud and my words were like bullets shooting into his brain. His expression changed a lot. It looked like he was shocked and seemed to be thinking, "How can this person dare to talk like this ..." There were a couple of other people there who were shocked as well. After a while, he looked like he had become another person and left without saying anything. Apparently he had been shaken up by what I said. The rest of the people stared at me but said nothing, so I went back to work.

After lunch, while lying on the floor and looking back on the morning's events, my main primordial spirit went out. On a calm sea, I was driving a little boat and seemed to be looking for something. All of a sudden, a fierce wind gusted, a great wave surged, and a powerful lion jumped into my boat from the sea. I kept speeding along, doing all I could, and finally I reached my destination. The lion jumped to the land with great dignity, and said to our Master, "Master, I know what I should do next time." Then he left. My main primordial spirit came back. I understood what had happened. Although Master Li asked me to save the lion, actually it was Master himself who had saved him.

What I had told the policeman did affect him a lot, and made him realize what was wrong with him. He had changed his attitude when he came back in the afternoon. He told me, "We don't want to treat you like this. All the directions are from the top level. We are only the tools. We don't have the right to send you back either." I replied that it was good as long as he could understand the truth.

At the "reforming class," some practitioners were exercising. The guard told them this was not allowed, but they kept practicing, so the guard left them alone. One night, a practitioner got up to exercise because he could not sleep. The guard on duty started to beat him when he saw this. I woke up, and thinking that the guard's attitude toward this practitioner was his attitude toward Dafa, thought, "I should stand up to stop this evil." So I reproached him loudly, "You have arrested people and beaten them without any reason. You are violating the law while pretending to execute the law. I will report to your leaders, expose your evil and let the public know..." The guard was so scared after he heard what I said that he said to me in a hurry, " I did not beat him up. I did not beat him up." Then he ran away. Since then, the practitioners have never been disturbed for exercising. After that, I saw that in another dimension, there was a bold and powerful black leopard leaving a muddy swamp. I started to realize that " telling the truth and suffocating the evil " that Master has taught us can't be understood from outward appearances.

A leader who was in charge of the "reforming" was very good at making speeches, and did not give me a chance to talk. It looked like it would be very difficult to tell him the truth. What should I do? At that time, Master revealed that I should be patient and benevolent. So I understood and listened to him quietly. After a while, he started to ask me, " Is it political to go to Beijing to appeal?" I told him that we did not involve ourselves in politics. The appeal was lawful according to the Chinese government. It was a human being's right, one granted to each citizen by this country. Telling the truth to the leaders was the responsibility of every citizen. The fact was that some leaders did not dare to face the truth, but chose rather to distort and slander it against their consciences. They, not we who went to appeal, were making political attacks. At last he asked me a couple of sharp questions. I answered him one by one according to my understanding of Dafa. Finally I told him cordially, "I am very clear that all of you know practitioners are good people. Your conscience tells you not to participate in this "reforming" job. However, in order to making a living, you have to do it due to pressure from the upper levels. I can understand your embarrassment at not being able to "reform" the practitioners despite your efforts. You are victims of your own bad decisions." My benevolence finally touched him. Tears appeared in his eyes. I saw a noble swan fly to the blue sky in another dimension at that time. I understood that the power of the great Fa, Master's mercy, had saved this swan. Since then, he has never talked to me.

2. Subdue the devils and eliminate the evil

At the so-called "reforming" classes, Master opened my tianmu and allowed me to have some supernormal abilities. However I did not know this at the time. One day, I saw a big roc (a giant bird in Arabic legend) flying toward me, almost diving toward me. What should I do? As soon as I had a thought that it would be perfect if I had an arrow, a sharp arrow flew from the top of my head and cut into the roc's chest. The roc dropped to the ground, cried out and died. I could not understand what had happened so I told a senior practitioner beside me. He said, "Master has opened your supernormal abilities. You will start to subdue the demons and eliminate the evil." He then talked about the things he had done in other dimensions to eliminate the evil.

Suddenly, I saw a demon coming. I was fighting as quickly as I could. Although I had listened so much to the stories of fighting wicked lives, now I was amidst the real fighting. I could not defeat him after using all my means. It made me so exhausted; I felt that I could not bear it. Then, I realized that I represented righteousness, and he represented evil, and that righteousness will defeat evil. I defeated him right after my righteous thoughts came out. Another demon came out right after that. When my palm extended, my whole body was almost absorbed by him. I knew I could not deal with him so I shouted, "Master, please save me!" Master's voice sounded around me, "Eliminate the evil." So I said loudly, "Eliminate the evil." I saw something like a ball fall down from the demon's mouth. It became smaller and smaller and went into a very deep dimension. That demon was a god's beast for riding. It was a tiger. He had stolen the magic instrument from his master and wanted to be the king. That magic instrument was in his mouth. He had no means to do harm after the magic instrument had been withdrawn. After seeing this, groups of demons came to deal with me. What should I do? I was not afraid at the time but was thinking: "I have the ability to defeat them. I remember that Master told us before that we could cultivate a falun and that this falun could be produced without limit. I should use falun. So I said, "Falun is rotating between the sky and the ground." I then saw numerous falun fly from my body, whirl around the demons and mince them up. The demons did not dare come again. The first round was over. I felt thirsty and very exhausted, knowing that I had used many supernormal abilities. I started to practice the Strengthening Divine Powers exercise. After I finished the exercise, I felt very relaxed.

(To be continued)