Editor's note: Due to Chinese government's inhuman and brutal persecution, for the practitioners' safety, Minghui may need to remove their personal information such as names and cities of residence.

[Shandong Province] Mr. Su Gang's Family Members Are Persecuted

[Note from Editor: Mr. Su Gang, 32, was an employee of the Instrument and Meter Unit of the Alkene Plant of Qi-Lu Petro-Chemical Company, Zibo City of Shandong Province. He held a Bachelor degree in computer science from Shandong University. Because he was a practitioner of Falun Gong, he died on June 10, 2000, after nine days of torture in the Chang-le Mental Hospital. Reported by Washington Post etc. For detailed story, please visit: http://www.minghui.ca/eng/2000/Jun/24/MR062400_1.html ]

After "The Open Letter to the Authority of the Qilu Oil Chemical Company regarding the Illegal Detention and Abuse of Mr. Su Gang in the Mental Hospital by the Security Department of the Alkene Plant" was published on the Minghui Net, Su Gang's father, Mr. Su Dean, and Su Gang's uncle, Su Lianxi, got persecuted.

On the morning of June 14, Mr. Su Gang's father and uncle prepared to deliver the open letter to the supervisors of the Qilu Oil Chemical Company. They noticed that they were being followed. At the entrance to the Company, they were stopped by security. Another dozen people came interfered with them. Su Gang's uncle said, "I have an appointment with the Secretary. Why are you interfering with us?" Unable to forbear any more, he banged his head against a wall until he lost consciousness. Being unable to push Su Gang's father and Su Gang's uncle into a taxicab, they sent them to the Xuegong police station in a truck. The Xuegong Police Station refused to accept them. Therefore, they were sent to the Kangping Police Station. In that police station, Su Gang's father was interrogated again by the Qidou Police Department and the Security Department of the Qilu Oil Chemical Company. Su Gang's uncle stayed one day on the grounds of the Police Station and was brought home at night by his wife and niece.

Currently, the home of Su Gang's uncle is under 24-hour surveillance. The family members of Su Gang have no way to report the death of Su Gang to the appropriate department. [Provided on June 20, 2000]

[Beijing] Police Beat People on The Tiananmen Square; The Tourists Felt Indignant

At around 9:08am on July 1, 7 to 8 practitioners in there 30s unfurled 3 eye-catching Falun Dafa banners reading "Cherish, Buddha Fa is right in front of you!," "Falun Rotates Forever", and "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance". About one minute later, several police and a few unidentified people rushed over and started to beat and kick them. They seized the banners. A middle-aged man nearby yelled, "Do not beat people!" Then a police vehicle arrived and took all of them away.

Then, another 7 to 8 young practitioners started to do the second exercise of Falun Gong, "Falun Standing Stance". They raised their hands in front of their heads to do the movement of "holding the wheel before the head". They did not drop their hands no matter how the police beat them. The above police vehicle drove towards them. Two male practitioners were still holding their two hands when they were pushed onto the vehicle. The police continued to beat them on the vehicle. In addition, two women practitioners who looked like peasants also each took out a small banner and held it up. The police had no time to take care of them. They were later dragged onto the vehicle by an aged plainclothes agent.

The police vehicle drove away. A male practitioner yelled inside the vehicle, "Falun Dafa is good!"

A middle-aged woman could not bear seeing the scenes. She said sadly, "They just practice the exercises. Why do the police beat up them like that?"

[Guangan, Sichuan Province]

At 9:30am on June 27, the Guangan District Intermediate People's Court sentenced two practitioners, Jiang Heping and Xia Lang. They were arrested for going to Beijing to tell the truth of Falun Gong to the government. They were given one and a half year forced-labor.

Meanwhile, the police started to search for Falun Gong practitioners among the people who surrounded the Court. Six practitioners including Zhang Congyuan, Deng Yuanxiu, Hu Xiaoxui, Zhang Zhengzhong, Zhang Hui and Wu Xueqing were arrested. The police sent them to the Guangan Detention Center and sentenced them to one and a half years forced-labor without any legal proceedings.

Practitioner Wu Xueqing told the police that they were violating the law knowingly. The police had to release her temporarily. At 4pm, the same day, a few police from the Huinong police station came to Ms. Wu's home and deceived her into having a talk in the police station. Ms. Wu was directly sent to the Detention Center after she got into the vehicle and the police sentenced her to one and a half years of forced-labor.

Cao Junjian, an employee of the Jianshe Bank of Guangan County, was detained in October of 1999 for having gone to Beijing to report the truth of Falun Gong to the central government. After being detained in the Guangan Detention Center for about 8 months, he was put on trial on May 25. In the trial, Cao Junjian courageously pointed out none of the accusations against him were valid. The judge then asked the police to send him back to the Detention Center. A few days later, the police secretly sentenced Cao Junjiang to three and a half-years of imprisonment.

[Henan Province]

Around May 10, practitioners from Qi County of Kaifeng City went to Beijing to report the truth of Falun Gong to the central government. About 30 practitioners got detained in the Qi County Detention Center after being escorted back. Half a month later, some of them got released. Most of them were transferred to criminal detention.

Practitioners have done nothing wrong in appealing for Falun Gong. The police could neither sentence them, nor would they release them. Therefore, the police started to make a mockery of the law. They first detained the practitioners in the police station; after the limit of half a moth, they transferred the practitioners to the detention center for criminal detention and after the limit of one month, they then again transferred the practitioner to the police station. The police would detain practitioners back and forth like this. Last year, practitioner Zhu Ying was detained like this for 4 months. .

Practitioner from Qi County, Zhang Mingtong, began a hunger strike in order to have an environment for practicing Falun Gong. When his wife visited him, he was carried out.He did not open his eyes and did not speak a word. He was extremely weak. He has been on a hunger strike for 13 days.

Practitioners Zhu Ying, Zhang Mingzhen have also been on hunger strike for many days.


On June 23, the police seized the photo of Master Li and Dafa books from the home of practitioner Guo Hongyu.

On June 26, after Guo Hongyu and her father failed to get the return of the photo and the books, they started to sit quietly and go on hunger strike outside the Nangang Police Department. They also delivered an appeal letter to expressing their determination for Falun Dafa and to require the police to return to them the books and the photo of Master Li.

On the morning of June 28, they were arrested by their local police station. Later, Guo Hongyu was sent to the women labor camp. Her father's whereabouts is unknown.