My family attained Falun Dafa because of the April 25th incident in 1999.

First, I must express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the Falun Dafa practitioners who appealed to the central government at Zhongnanhai on April 25, 1999.á It was their utmost honesty and courage to make the ultimate sacrifice that shook open my heart to Dafa.á

Salute to the Falun Dafa practitioners who went to Zhongnanhai to appeal!

Salute to the countless Chinese Falun Dafa practitioners who practiced "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" in the past year with their blood and lives!

Salute to our Teacher who has exhausted all he has for the millions of Falun Dafa practitioners and for the sentient beings in the universe.á

I have not had a single, undisturbed day since I began to practice Falun Dafa.á The government's persecution of Dafa practitioners in China has been escalating.á At the beginning I was very afraid of hearing anything about how my fellow practitioners suffered in China.á I had an inexplicable fear, in addition to extremely bad and upset feelings.á I thought I could not endure that kind of inhumane torture because I had been leading a comfortable life.á I also thought that it would be better that they did not have to suffer.á I had hoped to come up with a high-sounding excuse that could well explain their sufferings and eliminate my fears.á One of the best excuses I might have was that they had understood the Fa [the law and principles] wrong, which then increased their own tribulations, or there might be karmic relationships between them and the persecutors.á I also believed that maybe since I had a better comprehension of the Fa, I did not have to go through that kind of tribulation; or perhaps I had a smaller amount of karma, so that there was no need for such a big trial for me.áá


I.ááááááThis is a fight between the good and the evil!

When I saw the indifference that people all over the world had shown to the practitioners who were tortured to death, I realized how far the morality of the people in the "Dharma-ending" society had slid down.á I also realized that it was a fight between good and evil.á I still could not face what was happening, since I couldn't endure it all at that time.á Then, I realized that if I could not make the sacrifice for others when called upon, it would make me feel ashamed. How could I make comments on others' sacrifice?áá

It is Falun Dafa that has taught me how to distinguish the good from the evil, the virtuous from the wicked.á


II.ááááááMy Experience in China

I decided to go back to China to visit my family after the Hong Kong Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference. á

1.áááááááá My conversation with the police officers

On December 13, 1999, I left Hong Kong for Shenzhen, in order to purchase an airplane ticket from a regional airline.á I stayed with a friend, waiting for a December 15 ticket.á My friend, Mr. Zhang, was a Hong Kong businessman and also a Falun Dafa practitioner.á It was natural for people with the same interest to get together.á So, a few practitioners who knew Mr. Zhang came to join us and we shared cultivation experiences.á The visitors left around 11 p.m.á At about 1 a.m., we were awaken by three police officers.á

The three officers sat down and had a talk with us.á They asked me why I practiced Falun Dafa, when I started my practice and why I came to China at that time.á They also asked me if I did not love my own country and why I did not abide by the laws and rules.á I answered their questions one by one.

I went to the United States in 1988 when my son, Sangsang, was a little over one year old.á I left my husband and son for one of the most prestigious institutes in the world, the Scripps Research Institute.á There were only a few Chinese researchers at that time, in the world's largest research facility.á I was very depressed because of the stress in my work, plus the unfamiliarity with the place and people.á What made it worse was that some people were prejudiced against Chinese people and looked down on us.á This made my mind unbalanced.á There was a person who openly scorned Chinese people, saying "you Chinese should not stay in the United States, if you can not even manage your own country well."á I sometimes wanted to leave the country, but was reluctant to give up the superior research facilities.á My extremely strong self-esteem as a Chinese helped me through the prejudiced environment, and I worked and studied awfully hard, for 16 to 17 hours a day on average, in the laboratory.á I sometimes leaned on the back of the chair to take a rest and oftentimes, stayed overnight in the lab.á Once I worked continuously for 60 hours, and fell asleep while I was driving home.á When I woke up, I found that I hit a big tree and the engine and the radiator were ruined.á The windshield was also smashed.á Since I was too tired, I was not 100 percent awake even when the seat belt had made a strap wound around my neck.á

I never had a vacation, a holiday, or even a weekend off during my 12 years in the United States.á Iá led my life this way to show my Chinese self-esteem and to hide the uncontrollable feeling of "living under someone else's roof."á I smiled and added, with tears in my eyes, that this was my first vacation in 12 years, and it was my first time in 12 years to step upon the soil of my motherland where I was born and brought up.á It is because I see hope in this country.á

All three of them listened, and one of them had wet eyes.á

Soon, I was promoted to be an assistant professor.á It was nearly impossible for that to happen, because I did not have American academic degrees.á The American, who laughed at me then, became my student.

This institute accepted as many as 200 Chinese postdoctoral students after me.á Many American professors said that if you knew Lili, then you would know the post-doc students from China are all good ones.á Of course, they like students who are like me.á Now, I have nearly $400,000 in research funds each year and I have acquired quite a reputation in my field.á These are all known facts.á

They listened and remained silent; two of them had tears in their eyes.

I told them that I started the cultivation practice of Falun Dafa after April 25, 1999.á They were curious and asked me why.á They were also surprised what was going on with Falun Dafa practitioners, a practitioner would give up his/her life for it even after only a short time of practice.

I sincerely told them my views of the April 25 event.á

I learned about the April 25-Zhongnanhai incident from reports in the local newspapers.á I was shocked by the Falun Dafa practitioners' serene and peaceful composure.á I was shocked to see that there were people who had this unthinkable courage to appeal to such a ruthless government without fear of losing their homes and their lives!á It was simply inconceivable.á What kind of faith do these common Chinese citizens have that would make them so magnanimous?á I asked myself and knew that I could not be like that.á I, who was an enthusiastic person, have been exhausted by the cruelty of the world and the struggle to make a living.á Who has not been?

When I found out what they believe in is "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance," I decided to practice Falun Dafa.á I did not even hesitate a moment.á The Fa (Great Law/Principle) that can change Chinese people to be so extraordinary in a short seven-year period must be supernormal.á I was a complete atheist.á But I believed that human nature and the characteristic of a nation couldn't be changed.á Now, it must be a miracle created by some kind of divine power.á

When I understood a little bit of the profound inner meaning of Falun Dafa, I soon realized what the practitioners went to Zhongnanhai for: for me, for you and for millions of kind people in the world who have not yet attained Dafa.á They did it to let more people live in a society where more people would be able to exercise their legal rights; to let more people return to the moral state where people speak out the truth and treat others with kindness; and to let the shining light of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" reach more people.á

One officer asked, "Why didn't you 'forbear'?"

I looked at them and spoke slowly and clearly, "Silence to evil is not forbearance, and it would be blasphemy to the principle of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance."á I also said to them, "Don't you know that you and the government are persecuting people who are sacrificing everything they have to save your soul?á I feel grieved about the fact that even the sacrifice of Falun Dafa practitioners' lives would not wake you up.á Could a person's conscience be withered to such an extent?á It does not matter if you returned our kindness with enmity, but please wake up, for this country and also for yourselves."

After several stormy months I have realized clearly that the principle of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" has been changing hundreds of thousands of ordinary, apathetic Chinese people, including myself, who follow the principle "heaven and earth will destroy him, unless he does everything just for himself."á It has also changed the hopeless Chinese national characteristics.á Through history, the Chinese had behaved submissively and only rebelled when forced by the government as in the Chen Sheng and Wu Guang peasant uprisings.á Since the suppression, Falun Dafa practitioners have unflinchingly endured everything, just to speak out the truth, to be allowed to practice the cultivation way they like and to be good people.á It would be fortunate for any country to have this kind of people. This is first time that I am proud to be Chinese and see hope for China.

The officers were silent; one of them asked me not to say anymore.á

Later I told them the purpose for my returning to China.á I truly want to tell people and the Chinese government that Falun Dafa is good.á My first purpose is simple, I want to visit the grave of my second brother who died in a car accident 27 years ago and pay my respects.á In 1966, the great Cultural Revolution began. My father was labeled as a Pro-capitalist.á My 12-year-old second brother stood up for my father.á My other two brothers and I dared not to make a sound.á As a result, my second brother was criticized and beaten at "criticizing meetings", sometimes as many as over 10 times a day.á He could not take it any more and in the end he went insane.á In 1972, when he was 17, a car hit him due to his catalepsy.á I was unable to accept the fact, and I kept telling myself that he was not dead.á I did not go to the funeral and never visited his grave.á It was not until my practicing Falun Dafa that I could calm down and was able to face the fact that he was dead.á This time, I came back to say goodbye to him.

They just sat there without saying a word for a long time.

Later, I was taken to the police station where an officer-in-charge interrogated me.á He was unable to get what he wanted from me; instead I carried on a casual conversation with him most of the time.á I asked about his work, his family and his life.á He told me about his ideals and hopes.á I noticed that he smoked a lot, so I advised him to quit.á He said with a bitter smile, "Your fellow practitioners have worn me out, and I have to smoke more to get through it."á I smiled at him and told him not to be so attached to it.á He had read "Zhuan Falun" three times, in order to operate the suppression of Falun Dafa.á So, I knew he understood what I said.á I said to him, "You know who I am now, and you should not arrest me."á He said that he could not do anything about it and he was only a screw in a large machine.á I said that he should be a human being with emotions and thoughts first.á But he insisted that he was a screw first.á I did not compromise. In the end, he agreed that he should be a human with emotions and thoughts, then a screw.áá However, on the way to the detention center, he helplessly said that he had to be a screw first.á I was on the phone with him after I was released from my detention, he told me that after I was sent to the detention center, he remembered that I did not have enough clothes and thought about sending me some.á Tears came to my eyes, for he had revealed his Buddha nature.á I told him that I cried once in prison for him, because I suddenly felt that it was him who was jailed, not I.á He was silent for a while and then said that I might be right.á His heart is always sealed.á I was moved because he finally understood.á

It was already 5 a.m.. The officer told me to go home and pick up my passport at the police station the next day.á Later I was told that the other two practitioners from California, Zhao Chen and Huang Yun, were also under arrest at that time.ááááá

2.áááááááá My experience in prison

The next day, two practitioners from Hong Kong and I went to the bureau to pick up our passports.á They officially arrested Chen Zhao, Yun Huang and me for "disturbing social order" and deported the other two Hong Kong practitioners.á When we were detained, the police forced us to watch an anti-Falun Dafa program made by the Phoenix TV station.á I watched with great interest because the program showed the picture of the April 25 Zhongnanhai event and the picture of Teacher Li with his family.á The police officers felt strange about my laughs.á I said that it was from this kind of program that I concluded Falun Dafa was good.á I analyzed the program for them and told them how the figure of 1,404 deaths [out of 100 million practitioners in seven years - by translator] should make Teacher Li win a Noble Prize in medicine.á I also told them that the program was poorly produced.á Later, they decided to stop showing me the tapes, because I always could get good things out of them, and the negative materials had no effect "transforming" me.á

Americans would never be able to imagine what it is like to be in a Chinese jail.á A person loses all their rights once arrested, as though they have disappeared from the world.á No phone calls and letters were allowed.á My husband from San Diego learned about my arrest from Mr. Zhang and called Shenzhen to find out at which place I was detained.á He was told that a criminal was not allowed to accept phone calls and that family members had to come in person.á The next few days, he tried to get help and find out where I was detained from local fellow practitioners, friends in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and from friends who worked at the U.S. Consulate Office in Guangzhou, but to no avail.á The police were all passing the buck, and one of them even told him that the U.S. Consulate took me away.á It was Angela Lau, a reporter from the San Diego Union Tribune, who located me after a persistent search.á

To be isolated from the outside world was just a small part of my ordeal.á I had no other clothes than the two shirts I wore, because I did not expect that they would detain me for the second time.á Two days later, Shenzhen was hit by record-low cold weather of the century.á While I slept on the cement floor, I could hear the cold wind howling through the broken windows and the holes on the cell walls.á I put on all the garments I could find, but still I was icy-cold all over and was unable to sleep all through the night.á ááThere was only one toilet with no flushing device in the cell, shared by forty inmates.á We had to scoop the water to flush it after each use, but it was impossible to flush it clean this way.á As a result, the cell stank badly.á To avoid smelling more of the bad odor, I had to withhold from defecation, which lead to constipation.á Later, I bled whenever I had a bowel movement, and it became worse and worse.á The guards were afraid that we would use our shoes for weapons, so we were not allowed to wear them.á There was water all over the floor, where we had to walk with bare feet.á Consequently, I a wound developed on my heel that was one-inch long and one-centimeter deep.á The wound did not heal until one month after I was released.áá Everyday, we had to make plastic combs from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.á Our fingers bled from rubbing the plastic comb teeth due to the cold weather.á We would be beaten if we could not finish the quota set for each day.á I saw with my own eyes that a prostitute was beaten, because she was a slow worker.á There are endless stories about the dreadfulness inside a Chinese prison.

There were mainly prostitutes, drug addicts, prostitutes that were also drug addicts, and swindlers in my cell.á The majority of them was forced into crime and was miserable.á The prostitutes were mostly forced or deceived into prostitution by their family, boyfriends or husbands.á The managers of the brothels forced them to take drugs in order to control them.á There was a swindler who was actually framed, and she had already been detained for over two years without being formally prosecuted.á However, nobody dared to touch those prostitutes who were HIV positive.á Every night, they would be prostituting on Badeng Street in Shenzhen.á When I told the police about this seriously, they said that it was none of their business.á

I am not telling you these to vent my grievances.á ááRather, I'd like you to understand the impact these miseries had on me.á I used to be a spoiled woman living in ease and comfort with a strong self-esteem.á I was bad-tempered and arrogant before I practiced Falun Dafa.á I fired several of my secretaries for their unsatisfactory job performance and I was rude to the technicians and post doctors under my supervision.á After I started cultivation, I changed completely, but it is nonetheless hard to imagine that I could have spent 13 days incarcerated without any hard feeling whatsoever.á I was serene and calm, without any anxiety or agitation.á I felt sorry and sometimes even cried for my fellow inmates for their suffering, which made my own miseries disappear.á What I could sense instead was a spiritual uplifting and joy that I had never experienced before.áá I could see that I was becoming cleaner and prettier, as I gained altruism in my heart.á I knew these were all brought about by the power of Falun Dafa.á

Without Falun Dafa, I could not have imagined myself being able to think of others under those circumstances.á As I mentioned before, we had quotas on the number of combs we had to make each day.á Most of the young prisoners who had just got in were unable to meet the quotas, and they were often beaten and sworn at by the guards.ááá A young prostitute complained that the Falun Dafa practitioners were slow, which made me a little ashamed.á Of course I could not do it well, because I had never made a comb in my whole life.áá I could not stand the torment the prostitutes received, so I decided to study how to do it faster.á I finally found some tricks, and I won a contest against the fastest hand in the cell.á I passed along my tricks to the young inmates so that they would suffer less torture from the guards.á Once again, they saw that Falun Dafa practitioners are good people anywhere.á

I can vividly recall my first night in jail.á It was about eleven o'clock.á I was a little afraid, when I learned that the inmates were prostitutes, drug addicts, or swindlers.á However, Chen Zhao and I had never expected that when the cell door opened, some inmates would call out, "Hey, here come the Falun Gong practitioners!"áá I was quite touched.á The inmates named me "Falun Gong Number 21", since I was the 22nd Falun Gong practitioner in this cell (The first one was numbered "0").á Falun Gong Number 3 was in the same cell with us.á She was detained for the second time.á No wonder the inmates were so excited when they saw us, because they had gotten to know the practitioners well.á They became more excited when they found out that we were from the United States.á That night, we chatted until the guard patrol came by our cell.á Later, I asked them how they could have recognized us as Falun Dafa practitioners right away.á They smiled, "It was easy.á You didn't look like drug users, petty thieves or prostitutes, and you looked so kind.á Who else could you be, if not Falun Dafa practitioners?"á

The second day in prison was the hardest for me.á I missed my son very much, and I cried.á My son is also a practitioner and a very good boy.á At the age of 12, he passed the SAT with a score higher than that of half of the students who got admitted into colleges and universities.á I had trouble controlling my emotions, so I asked Falun Gong Number 3 to recite Teacher's article, "True Cultivation," for me.á After she recited it three times, I was able to let go of my sadness and stopped crying.á I suddenly discovered that the tears of human sentiment are completely different than the tears of compassion.á The former is turbid and bitter, while the latter is clear and sweet.á Later, I found out that my son is a better cultivator than I am.á When the reporter interviewed him and asked him if he worried about his mother, my son said, "My mom will be fine since she is protected by our Teacher's Fashen".á The reporter laughed after he found out what Fashen means, he thought my son was so innocent and adorable.á

Immediately afterwards I was able to let go of my own sentimentality, I could feel the pain of the others in the cell.á Everyone was in this frantic state of mind like that of a constrained animal due to the loss of freedom.á The head inmate and the old inmates fought to the point where they were ready to kill each other.á New inmates trembled everyday with fear of being beaten and sworn at.á The drug addicts would torture themselves, use foul language and display rude behavior when they couldn't bare the urge to take drugs.áá All of these made my heart hurt.á I couldn't help but feel deeply: all sentient beings are suffering!

After Chen Zhao and I talked with the inmates, I felt that many of them were predestined to attain Falun Dafa.á Some prisoners could feel the Falun rotating when they did the Falun Dafa exercises for the very first time.á An old inmate had a leg paralyzed, which made her very temperamental.á She often verbally abused young inmates.á We told her about the principle of loss and gain.á She really listened, and she changed a lot, which made her feel much better.á She said that the Teacher had taken care of her, because she would have discomfort in her body whenever she lost her temper again.á An inmate who might have been wrongfully accused was full of hatred, because she was detained for two years without formal prosecution.á After she started practicing Falun Dafa, she said that she would give up her plan for revenge and weigh everything according to Dafa, if she were to be sentenced.á The head inmate of cell 11 had a short temper and often physically and verbally abused younger inmates, but she was a bit afraid of us.á She said that the principle of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" of Falun Gong was like an Incantation of the Golden Hoop around her head, it made her head ache whenever she cursed someone.á Once, she even promoted me to be the head inmate of cell 11.á I happily accepted, but it didn't last long.á Within half a day, I was removed from the position, because I was too lenient.á Later she announced at a morning gathering that she would administer the cell with the principle of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance."á Several days thereafter, our cell became quiet and peaceful.á It no longer looked like a cell, but more like a female students' hostel.

All the prisoners expressed their gratitude to Teacher Li for having sent us to tell them the principle of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" and how to be a good person.á All the changes were taking place within a few days, and everyone could feel the power of Falun Dafa.á I shed tears and rejoiced for them, because they were so fortunate to get to know Dafa.

There were touching stories everyday in the cell.á A young prostitute who was being transferred to a labor camp said to me with tears that she would never make a living by selling her body again, and if she were arrested again, it would be for being a Falun Dafa practitioner.á Another prostitute told me that if she were ever released, she would go to Beijing to tell the government that Falun Dafa practitioners are all good people.á One woman received a three-day detention for fighting with her neighbor.á She had planned to get revenge by burning the neighbor's face with sulfuric acid after her release. After attaining the Fa, she told me that she had given up the plan. On the day of her release, she even asked to stay in the jail for a few more days, so that she could be with us to learn more about Falun Dafa.á

There were times when I did not conduct myself well in the prison and our Teacher would give me a hint through others' words. One night I was on duty, an old inmate was doing the sitting meditation exercise.á I saw a young inmate kick the quilt off, so I went up to put it back on her.á Suddenly, the guard shouted through the roof window, "Who is there meditating?"á I was afraid that they would increase the jail term for the inmate who was meditating, so I said to the guard a bit impulsively that no one was meditating here.á The guard muttered while leaving, "I didn't say that you were meditating.á Why did you talk back?"á I regretted what I had said.á How could I talk to others like that?á I apologized to him when he passed by later.á He snorted and said, "Your Teacher Li Hongzhi would discipline you, if he heard you had talked back."á My face flushed, and I was so ashamed of myself at the moment.á

After spending 13 days in jail, Chen Zhao and I were released separately before our jail term expired.á All the fellow inmates shed tears when I said goodbye to them in a hurry.á We all rejoiced though, because many of them had become Falun Dafa practitioners by then.áá

Looking back on those 13 days, time just flew.á I abandoned a great number of attachments that I was unable to let go of before.á I deeply felt that Dafa had been leading me to move up in those days.á I realized that the reason why the suppression of Falun Dafa is taking place in China is because Dafa was spread from China.á Dafa stands like a huge tree with deep roots, and it thus has great endurance. I am only a small leaf and the huge tree holds me higher and higher.

During my extradition, a policeman asked me if I made the detention center a Falun Dafa training class.á "Of course, no doubt about it," I replied.á The officers said with a smile that they would incarcerate me alone next time.á I told them to do whatever they pleased.á Then they said to me, "Go to the States to practice and don't come back."á I said, "I can't guarantee that.á The detention has given me an opportunity to comprehend better the true meanings of 'Truth-Compassion-Forbearance.' If an honest and accomplished person like me can be jailed, think about it, to what extent has the morality of this society been corrupted? You should give some thought on it."á

After we were released, we were interviewed by dozens of newspapers and radio stations, including BBC, VOA, RFA and NPR, the largest American radio station.á Sometimes I encountered questions that were difficult to answer.á For example, a reporter from NPR asked me at the end of the interview, "Why did you go to visit your family in China?á Doesn't your Teacher teach you to take fame, money and sentiment lightly?"á I did not give him a direct answer.á Instead, I asked him, "If I could devote myself to the miserable inmates whom I had never met before, how would I treat my family with whom I'm closely associated?"á The reporter could not say a word.á I sighed that the profoundness of a practitioner is inconceivable to an ordinary person. A person becomes lonely when he has deep compassion.

After I returned, I found out that there were many kind people who had been caring about us.á After I was arrested, my husband and cousins made persistent efforts to rescue me.á Senator Diane Feinstein wrote a letter to request my release to Mr. Li Zhaoxing, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States.á Many scientists in our institute wrote to Mr. Li Zhaoxing and the embassy. There was an individual named Jessica whom I never knew before, together with her relatives and friends, wrote over 40 letters to Mr. Li Zhaoxing.á What was more interesting was that a colleague of mine, that was quite supportive of the Chinese government and had little contact with us, was roused to indignation about my arrest in China.á He had dinner with Mr. Li Zhaoxing and queried on my arrest, which embarrassed Mr. Li and Mr. An Wenbin.á The largest local newspaper made a series of reports on my arrest (6 times in total), which brought about great responses. What made me happy is that many people attained the Fa through the newspaper reports.


III.áááááááááááá This past year is the record of practitioners' action of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance"!áá

The experience that the practitioners have in China is the record of their practice of the principle of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance".á Apart from appealing to defend human rights, we also want people to understand that what we need is not sympathy, because it is the ordinary people, who truly deserve sympathy, and not Falun Dafa practitioners. These practitioners' actions of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" belong to all sentient beings in the universe, and we should help everyone learn the power of Falun Dafa.á

In the past year, it seemed that the practitioners had been merely demanding human rights and the rehabilitation of our name from the government.á Our tribulations received sympathy from a certain number of people.á Is this what we really want?á Is the recognition from governments and ordinary people so important to us? I think what we need is not sympathy.á We need to let ordinary people know why we are doing this and why we can do it.á While we are doing it, each one of us can realize the great power of Dafa deep down in our hearts.á This is because what we have done is far beyond what ordinary people can endure.á

During the interview in Hong Kong when I was just released, my description of my prison life drew a crowd of sympathizers.á Most female reporters shed tears over it.á My talk over the radio and my speech in the hearings were all very touching too.á But I did not know why, I was always unsatisfied with myself.á Later, I finally understood the reason.á I had described myself as a victim.á A victim is a weak person who needs sympathy and protection.á Why would a Falun Dafa practitioner need protection?á It is a joke to think like that.á From that point on, I no longer talked much about my miseries in prison.á Even when I talked about them, I emphasized on how these miseries brought me a spiritual uplift.á Also, I talked more about how the attitudes of the police and the prison guards had changed, how the inmates had attained Falun Dafa, and how Falun Dafa had transformed society.á Ordinary people can see only the things they want to see, but practitioners should see the power of the principle of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance."á We, the practitioners, sustain great responsibilities to awake the ordinary people, because they do not know the principle of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance."á If we think of ourselves as victims, haven't we indeed reversed the roles?

More and more practitioners have learned not to judge good and bad by the standards of everyday people, of a society or of a government, because we know the criterion of the universe, "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance."á When Zhao Jinhua, a female peasant, would refuse to give up her belief even upon being tortured to death, can you say that she is pitiful?áá When Chen Zixiu, an old lady of nearly 60, praised Falun Dafa till her death, can you say that she is pitiful?á When hundreds of thousands of practitioners would never change their conviction under all means of tortures by the police, can you say that they are pitiful?á When a government has been unable to suppress our practitioners after resorting to all measures that its state machine has to offer, who dares to say that we are pitiful!á The ones that are truly pitiful are the ordinary people who cannot understand this realm of higher level.ááá We do not have to mention how we are being transformed in other dimensions; just the noble spirit of our righteousness exhibited here is enough to shake every soul on earth.á This is indeed the power of the law of the universe displayed in the human world.á Our Teacher praised us as early as the Chicago Conference, "You are truly amazing, the great gods!"á


IV.ááááááááááááá Falun Dafa belongs to all sentient beings in the universe

On March 17, I was on my way back to San Diego after my successful speech at the congressional hearing.á When watching the passengers who have not attained Fa on the airplane, I was suddenly saddened and cried uncontrollably for three good hours.á I could not understand why I was so sad at that time.á Later I realized that it was because the secondary consciousness of the people on the plane were begging me, the only person aboard who attained Dafa, to awaken their main consciousness so that they can also attain Dafa.á

Whenever I was a bit proud of myself when I did something for Dafa, my father in heaven would call my name and said to me: put down your pride and be more humble.á Only a humble heart can hold many people like a boat.á The more humble heart you have, the higher xinxing you will acquire, the more you can endure, and the more compassionate you will become. Thus, you can better assist Teacher to spread Dafa in this world.

Cultivation is endless, and we should give up everything we have for the sentient beings to be saved, including the sense of pride and accomplishment after the sacrifice.á Is that so, my Teacher?á I am in tears, not because I am afraid to do so, but because I am afraid that I am not up to that standard.á Good Heavens!á How holy, pure and beautiful it is to reach the realm of selfless devotion!á I want to know whether the glory of the higher beings of the universe is due to their giving and not taking.á

It becomes clearer and clearer to me how splendid it is in heaven. Let's all cultivate ourselves diligently to fulfill our initial wish, to be worthy of the teachings we have received from our Teacher and to help all kind-hearted and predestined people to attain Dafa.