(Minghui.org) Deputy Manager Wang Zhongyi (alias) of the local shopping mall approached me and said he wanted to ask me something one day in 2010. He wondered how his facial paralysis had disappeared.

He had suffered from facial paralysis for over 10 years. He visited many doctors, and spent over 100,000 yuan in medical treatments, but nothing helped. He finally gave up and let it be. 

One morning his wife noticed his face was no longer paralyzed. Wang Zhongyi looked in the mirror and was surprised to see that his face looked normal. He went to the local doctors that treated him in the past. They could not explain what happened. 

Thus he looked for me. As soon as I saw him I noticed that his face no longer showed a paralysis. I told him, “You must have done a great deed. The divine rewarded you. What good things have you done recently?” 

He said that the head of our shopping mall called an urgent meeting two months before and announced, “We found a Falun Dafa practitioner [referring to me] in our mall. We need to drive him out and stop him from doing business here. Toss his goods into the street!” The managers and security personnel remained silent. Many of them just played on their cell phones with their heads down. 

Wang said, “I’ll say something since you all kept quiet. He is only a vendor and rents a booth in the shopping mall. He is not an employee. Why would we drive him out? He always pays his rent on time. Why would we kick him out? Our mall has a hard time paying the employees now. Wouldn’t we lose a few thousand yuan in income each month if we kick him out? Will the police department pay us the rent? They won’t. We won’t kick him out unless they pay us.” The others seconded what he said and felt it made sense what he said. The manager suddenly faltered.

Wang Zhongyi made a righteous choice at the critical moment and protected a Falun Dafa practitioner. He also brought himself an unexpected reward. The head who had the bad idea, on the other hand, ended up in trouble three days before Wang’s facial paralysis was healed. He was arrested for taking bribes. 

This incident for many demonstrates the eternal heavenly principle that good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished.