(Minghui.org) I have read many experience sharing articles on the Minghui website, and I admire fellow practitioners for their diligent cultivation. Comparing my cultivation with theirs, I still struggle with the attachment of resentment when dealing with difficult circumstances. 

Oftentimes, I complained about things, and felt sad. Sometimes, it was such a serious problem that I felt that cultivation was really difficult. 

Through diligently cultivating my xinxing, I have made a breakthrough and would like to share my thoughts.

Previously, whenever I was treated unfairly, I felt unhappy. I realized it was because of an attachment to fairness. 

However, my evaluation of fairness was based on the rules of ordinary society. When I felt things were unfair, I developed resentment, and didn’t evaluate things based on my understanding of Fa principles.

If we evaluate everything based on the Fa, we will understand that difficulties are arranged for us to improve our xinxing, or to pay off our debts, or to let go of attachments to emotion. By going through these difficulties like a practitioner, we won’t have resentment, and won’t be moved.

Even though I realized this, the rules of ordinary society are deeply rooted in my mind. Therefore, when I encounter difficult circumstances again, I might still feel that things are unfair, and may even develop resentment again. 

This requires me to look within more frequently, and it takes a lot of effort. I realized all those bad thoughts were based on selfishness, and they occurred because I didn't treat myself as a cultivator. 

Going through this, I feel like I have sloughed off an outer layer. Now, whenever I feel I am being treated unfairly, my first thought is that I am a practitioner, and I will be very calm. 

I don’t think more about it and rarely have resentment. Sometimes, there is still resentment, but it is very small. I am more peaceful and calm when difficult things happen. 

Even more surprisingly, people around me have also changed. This is better than before, when I would fight for a more favorable outcome. 

These things changed because I no longer have the attachment. 

I realize that everything around us is for our cultivation. The environment, whether it is good or bad, reflects our cultivation state. Cultivation is magnificent.