(Minghui.org) I’m a female farmer, and I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. Master Li Hongzhi gave me good health, purified my body, and taught me the true meaning of life. I am so fortunate to be a Dafa practitioner! On the first day of my practice, I swore that I would follow Master to the end no matter what tribulations I encountered along the way. I will never waver in my belief in Dafa!

Truth-clarification Banners Shocked the Evil

In February 2009, when the provincial leaders came to our area for an inspection, they saw many truth-clarification banners about Falun Dafa hanging along the road. The district committee and provincial leaders were shocked. They ordered public security and government departments to find the practitioners who put up the banners within three months.

The public security department immediately summoned all practitioners they had on file to the police station and took their photos and hand-prints (palms and backs of hands) against their will. They managed to locate every practitioner except me and a male practitioner. Every time the police came to my home, I sent forth strong righteous thoughts. Under Master’s protection, I got away safely each time.

Three months passed, and the authorities failed to find out who hung the banners.

The Demon of Lust Disturbed Me

After my husband passed away many years ago, I lived with my three children on the farm. My house was not far from the main road. Every year during the seasons of spring plowing, summer planting, and autumn harvest, the folks around us often left their farm tools next to my house after work for convenience. As Master teaches us to be considerate of others, I was naturally happy to allow everyone to do this.

Due to some of my human attachments, which I didn’t realize I had at the time, the evil from other dimensions took advantage of my thoughts.

In May, a male neighbor asked if he could leave his water pump at my house after watering the fields, and I agreed. After he placed the water pump inside, he didn’t want to leave and tried to flirt with me. When I realized he had ill-intentions, and that he was controlled by lustful ghosts, I immediately became alert. I quickly walked from inside the house to outside and said to him: “God has given you a wife. You need to be faithful to your wife, or you will be punished in the future!”

I clarified the truth to him for about an hour; meanwhile, asking Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts and to not allow an ordinary person to commit crimes against a Dafa disciple. In the end, the evil spirits gave up, and the neighbor left.

Afterward, I went inside and closed the door. I couldn’t help crying. I felt so wronged, and all kinds of human thoughts arose. Even the next day, when I was working in the field, I couldn’t help crying when I remembered what happened the day before. At this time, I also had human thoughts instead of righteous thoughts. I was thinking that my three children were all studying outside, and I was alone at home. I could not tell my children or outsiders about what happened. I could only hide my feelings inside.

Our Righteous Villagers Protected a Dafa Practitioner

After the incident with the neighbor, I did not look inward at my own state of cultivation. The old forces saw my loopholes and intensified their attempt to persecute me.

That night, I dreamed of three black geese standing on the roof of my house. After I awoke, the dream felt ominous, and I felt something bad might happen that day. I went to the fields to do farm work in the early morning and returned home at about 8:30, and then I fed the pigs.

A friend came over and wanted to dry her rapeseed in my yard before going to an oil mill to extract the oil. I was still quite nervous at that time; however, I helped my friend to dry the seeds. A neighbor suddenly ran up to my house. She said she saw policemen coming and urged me to run. Before I had time to react, three policemen, led by the village Party secretary, were already at my gate.

The village Party secretary shouted that I was not allowed to leave, while tightly grabbing my clothing. He said the police would take my photo and hand-prints. Hearing the noise, many villagers put down their farm work and ran to my house from all directions. About 50 to 60 villagers soon gathered. Everyone knew that I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner who is happy to help others. They crowded into my yard, quietly watching the development of the situation.

Seeing that so many villagers were present, I thought this was an excellent opportunity to clarify the truth to the Party secretary and the police, “So many Falun Dafa practitioners have told you the truth about Dafa. Yet you still brought the police to persecute practitioners,” I said to the Party secretary who was grabbing me. “You will be punished by Heaven!”

The Party secretary trembled, quickly let go of me, and wanted to flee. A policeman then grabbed me and tried to drag me inside my house. The villagers started to blame the Party secretary. One said loudly, “Her husband passed away many years ago. She has done nothing wrong. Why are you bringing the police to harass her? You are a village official, and you are supposed to protect the villagers!” The Party secretary could not say anything and quickly left.

The three policemen tried to get me to the police station. Seeing this, the villagers all ran over and surrounded us. The police grabbed my hand and refused to let go. The villagers worried that I would be taken away, so they tried their best to keep the policemen from grabbing me.

The daughter of the friend who was drying the rapeseeds saw the police car parked nearby, so she ran straight to my house. Seeing that the policemen were grabbing my hands, she questioned them loudly in front of all the villagers: “She practices Falun Dafa; she is a good person! She didn’t do anything wrong!”

One of the policemen bent down and rolled up his pant on his right leg. He pointed to a palm-sized scar on his leg and said to the villagers, “I used to be a soldier in Beijing, and this scar was caused by a Falun Dafa practitioner beating me!”

Since he was trying to defame Dafa, I pointed to my chest: “Take a look at your conscience and tell the truth. Did a Falun Dafa practitioner beat you?” He knew he was lying, so he quickly put down his trouser leg.

“You already knew that Dafa practitioners are good people when you were a soldier in Beijing. Yet you continued to participate in the persecution of Dafa after you returned to your hometown,” I said. “I will expose your evil acts on the Minghui website, and you will be punished!”

The policemen then softened their tones, “Sister, we are just doing our jobs. Please cooperate with us, let us take your photo and your hand-prints. We have tried for several months to locate you.”

I knew this was just another persecution tactic of theirs. I said firmly, “You won’t be able to take photos of me! Your camera will break if you try!”

All the villagers echoed, “You won’t be able to take photos! Your camera will break!”

The incident lasted from 9 a.m. to noon. In the end, the policemen left in embarrassment amid the condemnation of the crowd.

Afterward, I looked at those lovely villagers and saw they had hearts of gold for safeguarding Dafa disciples. Seeing their muddy feet and rough hands, and looking in their righteous, innocent eyes, I was moved and burst into tears.

“Thank you, everyone! You are so kind, and you have all chosen your good future!”

Upon seeing I was safe, the villagers gradually left.

Master Saved Me From Danger

After the incident, I talked with my sister-in-law, who is also a practitioner. I looked inward and found my attachments of lust, resentment, and sentimentality for family members. I understood it was my human attachments that caused these troubles.

Master said,

“However wild the evil may be, it won’t dare to touch you if you have no faults.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the New York Fa Conference Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dafa’s Spreading”)

I tried to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate these rotten things and return to the righteousness of the Fa.

Three days later, the old forces tried to persecute me again. This time, with my righteous thoughts and Master’s protection, I was saved from danger. That evening, my eldest daughter was home. Just when we were about to have dinner, my daughter received a phone call from a neighbor, saying the police are in town and I should leave immediately. Thanks to the neighbor’s warning, the police met with a locked door when they came.

I heard the full story afterward: The wife of my husband’s friend, who lived in another town, was at a street dance when she saw several village officials and police officers. She asked a village official what was going on, and she was told they were going to a town to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners. She sensed I was in danger, ran home, and told her husband. Her husband then called a friend of my late husband and told him to tell me to leave home. Her husband even said on the phone, “If you fail to inform her (me) in time, and if she gets arrested, your wife will be sent to her home to cook, do the farm work, and watch the children!” Eventually, he contacted one of my neighbors, who reached my daughter in time.

According to the neighbors, as soon as I left home that night, local officials and a dozen police with batons arrived at my door. When they saw the door was locked and there was no light in the house, they waited in my yard. They thought that coming at night would not make a big scene among the neighbors, but they did not expect that no one would be home. After they waited for a long time, they gave up and left.

I am so grateful for Master’s protection! As soon as I looked inward and improved, Master dissolved the old forces’ arrangement. Since then, the evil officials never came to my house again.

A Final Word

During my past 20 years of cultivation, I have truly experienced how powerful looking inward is. Every stumble was caused by my human attachments. Master has endured so many hardships for his disciples! I wouldn’t have been able to go through all the hardships, one after another, without Master’s sacrifice and protection!

Thank you, Master for your compassionate salvation! How fortunate I am to be one of His disciples in this lifetime! I want to turn my gratitude to Master into motivation to improve and do well in cultivation!