(Minghui.org) COVID cases surged in my city in October this year. Several subdivisions were first locked down on October 13 and 14, before the whole city was placed under lockdown on October 16.

My daughter works in a large hospital, which was one of the hospitals hit hardest by the October outbreak. At that time, there were infections in every department and ward, and the whole hospital was locked down without any warning or preparation. Many were sent away in groups for quarantine, with the first group alone having 150 people. The spread of the virus was fast and wide.

My daughter was in a large ward with many doctors, nurses, and patients, and they had the most people infected compared to other wards. It was later turned into an isolation ward for COVID patients only.

My daughter was on the night shift when the hospital was suddenly locked down. She didn’t even have a change of clothes. She worried about her two children and her mother-in-law in her 70s.

She worked on the front line for over two weeks. She wore airtight protective gear all day, and could not change even if her clothes underneath was soaked with sweat. She didn’t even have time to pick up the phone when her children called. She was exhausted every day, and could not sleep at night. Everyone around her was coughing.

When I called her, she was near the breaking point, “Mom, I can not take it anymore! There are too many people infected, and most of my colleagues were infected and isolated. I am the only one who has not been infected. I have to work overtime daily. Even if I am not infected, I am dying of exhaustion. Where is the end of this? I am afraid I can not stand it anymore.”

I knew Master was watching over my daughter. I sent her a message: no matter how bad things become, you should maintain a calm mind. Whenever you have time, recite the phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good”. It will save your life and change your environment and keep you healthy. She replied: “Alright.”

A few days later, the charge nurse made a mistake and put a positive patient's cotton swab in my daughter's nucleic acid test tube (one tube per person in the hospital). When she realized the mistake, the tube had already been taken away, but the result came back negative. My daughter’s colleagues were stunned – how could it be possible?

Later, the hospital transferred personnel from other wards to support my daughter's ward, and her team was placed in a hotel with much better conditions. They were only required to work four hours a day. My daughter recovered quickly. She called me delightedly, “Mom, you were right! I have no problem now. Do not worry for me.”

My husband was very happy that our daughter was fine. He also knew that was because she kept reciting the auspicious phrases. He was so pleased, “Amazing! Amazing!” Our daughter was the only one in that ward who did not get infected!

Thank you, Master, for your protection!

I hope others can also remember the auspicious phrases and be safe in the pandemic!