(Minghui.org) In China, not only the news media, but also social media, are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Weibo, a social media platform known as the Chinese version of Twitter, announced on January 13 that 403 accounts were blocked for “attacking [the CCP’s] experts and scholars while ridiculing pandemic prevention and control policies.”

Owners of these accounts were furious and complained through their other Weibo accounts:“Can you explain which post or which sentence was against Weibo policy?”“So we have to support whatever policy is forced upon us. Right?”“I just shared a post. Why are you blocking my account?”“There is a saying that ‘authorities can do whatever they like while ordinary citizens are not allowed the slightest bit of freedom.’ Now I have seen it with my own eyes.”

Some vented their anger on other social media platforms such as Toutiao (today’s headlines):“What do you mean by ‘attacking’? We just posted facts.”“If these experts post false information, shouldn’t their accounts be blocked too?”“These experts claimed that 90% of infected people have no symptoms. But so many of us had fever and white lungs, and even died?”“Yes, you can safeguard the experts’ reputation here. But who would care about one billion people’s lives?”

Some netizens soon realized that the CCP was behind all of this censorship and misinformation. The following is a satire on the “loyal dogs” (experts and scholars who are mouthpieces of the CCP): “I have two dogs who guard my door and attack whomever I tell them to. It seems someone wants to give them a hard time? No way!”“I see, no wonder your dogs are so ‘loyal’ – they are well fed and well paid.”

None of these comments are surprising. Since it took power in 1949, the CCP has never cared about the people’s well-being and has instead exhausted all resources to persecute one group of ordinary citizens after another. The extreme, military-style lockdown of the past three years was the latest chapter in the CCP’s history, showing how a totalitarian regime only cares about itself, not people’s lives. 

Under these circumstances, the CCP-approved experts and scholars did their best to “justify” whatever pandemic policies were in place, to show that the CCP is always right. When the zero-COVID policy was being enforced, they praised the policy and depicted COVID as the most deadly disease. After the CCP abandoned the zero-COVID policy on December 7, 2022, due to increasing cases and public anger, these experts then claimed that COVID is as mild as a common cold, trying to pacify public anger against the regime. 

These experts and scholars are like puppets, helping spread the CCP’s lies and causing endless tragedies. Behind the curtain is the puppeteer, the CCP, who has been manipulating everything. If the CCP is not rejected, the horrifying drama will likely continue, with more people deceived and possibly losing their lives.