(Minghui.org) In my over 20 years of practicing Falun Dafa, many amazing stories have happened. I would like to share two stories below.

I went to a market one day. I put my purse and some informational materials about Dafa in a bag and placed the bag in my bicycle basket. After I selected my desired groceries, however, I found my bag was gone! I was very worried, as I had plenty of Dafa materials and 2,000 yuan cash in the bag. I regretted that I didn’t keep a close eye on the bag. How much karma the thief would incur for doing such a thing! I did not dare to tell my husband that my bag was stolen and figured that I had to work extra hours to make up for the stolen money.

Several days later, while I was looking for things at home, I saw a bag that looked familiar. I opened it up. It was the one that I lost and everything was still there! I could not believe my eyes. Tears ran down my face. Thank you, Master!

A similar thing happened again to a list of 40 people who had agreed to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its related organizations. I went to a Fa-study group one afternoon. A practitioner there gave the list to me and asked me to pass it to another practitioner who would submit the names online.

After I got home, I busied myself with cooking and cleaning and completely forgot the name list. I went to another Fa study group that evening. On my way home, I suddenly remembered the name list. I searched my pocket and it was gone! I panicked. This was such an important list and I lost it!

I hurried back to the Fa study place but the door was closed. I looked closely on the ground but there was nothing. It was so dark. So I asked my husband to go with me. We went along the road that I travelled to the first Fa study group that afternoon. We both carried a flashlight. I searched one side of the road, and he did the other side.

I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked for Master’s support. I blamed myself for my carelessness and I told myself to pay better attention next time.

I was so worried that I wanted to cry. If I could not find it, I would get up early the next morning to continue my search. Half a mile away from home, I suddenly saw a piece of paper that was brightly shining. I picked it up – it was the name list! I found it! I cried again, with deep gratitude for Master. Without Master’s compassionate protection, such a light piece of paper, who knew where it would end up?