(Minghui.org) I told the local Falun Dafa coordinator in 2007 that it would be good if I could make truth-clarification materials, since I could distribute them at any time. It would also avoid the hassle of my having to transport materials to other practitioners’ homes.

The coordinator luckily found a technical practitioner who brought me a printer and helped me get set up. I worried about whether I could do this job given that I did not even know how to use a mouse? I asked Master Li in front of his portrait, “Master, can I do this?” I saw he was looking at me with a smile. The encouragement helped me decide that I would learn how to use the equipment.

The technical practitioner clicked the mouse here and there, and a beautiful page of Minghui Weekly soon came out of the printer. I jumped up with excitement, “It’s so easy!” “True, it is easy,” said the practitioner.

I learned how to go online, download the items I needed, use the printer, and burn DVDs. Using the Internet, I was also able to submit lists of the names of people who had quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or its affiliates to the overseas Epoch Times office.

I needed supplies to make the materials, so a practitioner accompanied me on my first trip to buy what was needed. I was scared even with the practitioner beside me. I worried about being watched or someone suddenly asking me why I was buying the items.

The practitioner had a job and his own things to take care of. I could not expect that he would always accompany me when I went shopping. I later went to the store alone. My face was blushing and my heart was pounding. I chose the items I needed, paid for them, and left the store in a hurry. I sighed with relief once I was outside.

After I got home I thought: “Why was I scared? What I did was the most righteous thing in the universe. Master Li was right beside me and protecting me, so why was I afraid?”

Master said,

“Now, since they are cultivating, they should practice in a dignified and upright manner and let go of all of that. Just keep cultivating, and all problems will be resolved because you are a cultivator.” (Teachings at the Conference in Canada)

I gradually became less afraid when I shopped for supplies.

I spent my own money to buy the materials and maintained the equipment from 2016 on. I felt it was what I should do. I had enough income to support my family and that was good enough.

We bought printing paper and DVDs by the case. On one occasion, we bought three cases of DVDs, each containing 300 pieces and other materials.

The reason we made the truth-clarification materials was to help more Chinese people learn the truth about Falun Dafa. We wanted to clear away the CCP’s lies and provide an opportunity for them to think independently.

The materials I made were all downloaded from Minghui.org. I made as much as the practitioners needed. The materials included Minghui Weekly, pamphlets, and calendars. In recent years, I also made brochures relating to the pandemic.

I followed Master’s direction:

“What I’m saying is, if this is something you really want to do, then you must do it well. Otherwise, don’t do it.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”, Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

I destroyed any pages that had quality issues, such as streaky text or pictures. I wanted to present the best things to people. I wasted a lot of materials when I first learned to make talismans. However, I just considered the loss to be like paying tuition.

Now the talismans I make are clean and flawless. They have a good effect when given to people. The other practitioners say they are great.

When some practitioners wanted to go to rural areas and talk with people, they said they needed 2,000 talismans. Without affecting other projects and things I needed to do, I kept a calm mind and finished the task in a few days.

When I got blisters on my right hand from cutting the cardboard, I switched and used my left hand. I felt gratified that I could help save people during the Fa-rectification period.

In August 2009, a practitioner was arrested as she was distributing pamphlets. She revealed my identity to the officers at the police station. The police then came to my home, arrested me, and seized my computer, printer, supplies, and Falun Dafa books. I was sent to a detention center for one month.

The cell lead said, “Looking at your situation, you will be sentenced to seven to eight years in prison.” I said nothing and thought, “What you say does not count. I have Master Li taking care of me. Only what he says matters.” In the end, I was released and strode home with dignity.

Fellow practitioners brought over a computer and a printer soon afterward, and I resumed making materials. I balanced well my work around the home, Fa study, doing the exercises, and making the pamphlets and other materials. With the guidance of Dafa, I have been doing well.