(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is notorious throughout the international community for its human rights abuses, but many average citizens in China do not know or believe it. With a decent income, an apartment, and even a car, they are content with life under the rule of the CCP. Some even thank the CCP for “protecting them from the invasion of foreign countries and blessing them with a good life.” Regarding their compatriots who live in poverty or are suppressed by the CCP, they either do not know or do not really care. 

This is largely due to the CCP’s brainwashing of the Chinese people, who have been led to believe that the CCP is their savior and that the communist regime is great and without flaws. What they don’t realize is that many wealthy people, especially family members of high-ranking officials, immigrate to other countries or at least transfer their assets to another county for security. 

Known as luo guan (“naked officials”), many high-ranking officials not only have their spouses and children living abroad, some also hold foreign passports themselves so they can move abroad after retirement. Those officials know the ins and outs of the communist regime; if the CCP is indeed as good as it claims, why would those officials and wealthy people flee China? 

Polluted Environment, High Housing Costs, and Aging Population

It is true that people in general are living a better life in China than decades ago, but there are many issues. For instance, the vegetables are grown with numerous fertilizers and herbicides, while livestock are raised with hormones. There is also pollution of air, water, and soil. Living in such a polluted environment, even money cannot buy the safest food or the cleanest air. No wonder people of privilege move to other countries for a better quality of life.

Housing also poses a great challenge to many average families in China. Many young couples cannot afford to buy a house on their own and have to rely on their parents and grandparents to cover the housing costs. Furthermore, instead of owning the house and land as in Western countries, China’s Property Law specifies that land itself is owned by the state, meaning that the government may sell the land to developers and demolish the house against the will of the homeowners. 

Another problem China faces is the aging population. Because of the one-child policy, many families in China only have one child. This means that each young couple needs to take care of four elderly parents, without any siblings sharing their burden. 

Moral Degeneration

Besides being materialistic, many Chinese people have also lost their moral compass, due to the CCP’s indoctrination with its ideology of falsehood, evilness, and violence. This moral degeneration is seen everywhere. For instance, when an elderly person falls, no one dares to lend a helping hand, afraid of being framed like Peng Yu, who was sued by the elderly woman he helped up from the ground after she fell. Because of toxic baby formula, parents dare not buy such products made in China. At school or the workplace, female students or workers must remain vigilant of sexual assault by their male teachers or colleagues. Husbands and wives no longer trust each other. Having a mistress has even become a social norm. 

These are just a few examples of the many problems faced by people in China today. 

The Root Cause of the Chaos

What caused all these problems? The CCP. Since it seized power in 1949, the CCP has been focusing its energy on maintaining power by launching numerous political campaigns to target various groups of people, from landlords to business owners, from intellectuals to people of faith. Former CCP leader Mao Zedong once said, “Power comes from the barrel of a gun.” He also said, “It is endless fun to fight heaven, earth, and people.” 

The numerous campaigns against groups of Chinese citizens have eroded people’s trust in the regime. To regain control and ease public anger, former CCP leader Deng Xiaoping started a program of economic reform, which allowed people to accumulate wealth. As people’s attention was diverted to making money and bettering their own lives, they lost interest in finding fault with the CCP. 

Similarly, the CCP’s changing family planning policies have also served its own purpose. It encouraged people to have more children during the 1950s when it needed more people in the workforce. Later on, the CCP had trouble feeding the increasing population and also worried about rebellion, so it launched the one-child policy, resulting in the abortions of hundreds of millions of fetuses. Now with the aging population, the CCP ended the one-child policy in 2016. But facing the problems mentioned in the previous section, many young couples have chosen not to have more children. 

Path to a Better Future

Since ancient times, people in China believed in the harmony of heaven, earth, and mankind. Therefore, they were able to maintain a high moral standard. But since it came to power, the CCP has been promoting class struggle, hatred, and lies by systematically wiping out traditional culture. Through numerous political campaigns, the CCP successfully silenced the general public, including intellectuals. When it came to the Cultural Revolution, where traditional values were denounced and destroyed, hardly anyone dared to challenge the CCP. 

To escape the harm inflicted by the CCP, we need to listen to our conscience, value virtue, and help those innocent people suppressed by the CCP. By rejecting the regime and embracing traditional values, we will be responsible for ourselves and will be blessed with a better future.