(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners in Puerto Rico celebrated the 30th World Falun Dafa Day in two cities, Caguas and San Juan, on Friday and Saturday, May 13-14, 2022.

We gave out brochures and explained the practice to those who stopped to watch us demonstrate the five Falun Dafa exercises along with the exercise music.

Practitioners shared their experiences after the exercises.

One practitioner told about how he found the practice when he was a high school student:

“I used to be sad, but now I have a quiet, inner joy. When I first found Falun Dafa, it was finding for the first time something true, a big truth. I had lived without the truth and was angry, and I felt alone. I had no confidence, there was nothing to believe in, and I had no direction, no purpose. All that has now changed. I have no doubts. I now understand the meaning of my life. My grandmother noticed the changes in me and wanted to know what I was doing. I introduced her to Falun Dafa and she and my two brothers are now learning the practice with me. After I graduated from high school I had no clear direction. I am now in the Air Force, married, and studying at a university. How can I express my gratitude? Be a better person and let others know that Falun Dafa is great, and that it is right here!”

Another practitioner shared:

“I was also in high school when I found Falun Dafa. When I was young I was curious about what life was all about. I have been practicing for several years now, and I am a very different person. The questions and doubts I had are no more – I have an understanding of what my life is for and why I am alive. I know that, as I practice, I am improving. As far as what I see as the biggest change in me now, I would say that the way I respond to things day-to-day has changed. I can reflect more before I act, I am more aware of what goes on in my mind, I am no longer a loner, and I am more expressive and communicative. When I graduated from high school I had my doubts about what I would do. I now play professional baseball, I have a job, and I study.”

Another practitioner still in high school said:

“I’m still in high school. When I found Falun Dafa, I was only aware of the exercises and how they helped me calm down and be more focused. As I have studied and understood more what Falun Dafa offers, I was amazed that I had found what I was dreaming to find one day. I have no words to express my gratitude. I used to worry about things in daily life, had trouble sleeping, and didn’t know how to relate to others without having to become what others wanted me to be. All that has changed. I don’t worry, I have confidence in myself and my life, and I am patient with others. I don’t argue and am kinder than I was before.”

Falun Dafa practitioners from Caguas and San Juan wish Venerable Master a Happy Birthday on the 30th World Falun Dafa Day, Friday May 13, 2022.

Another practitioner related:

“For me, Falun Dafa has eliminated my doubts. I now live with certainty. I am improving day by day and my certainty is increasing day by day. I know that anyone who sincerely wants to be a better person can find all they need in Falun Dafa—and I know that I can help any such person get started. It’s not difficult to start if one sincerely wants to be a better human being. I can’t imagine anything more satisfying than introducing someone to Falun Dafa, helping them take the first steps, and watching them blossom!”

Another practitioner shared:

“I had been a student of many schools. I searched everywhere but didn’t find anything genuine. When someone gave me a Falun Dafa brochure, I thought that it would lead to another disappointment. But on that day I was also invited to try one of the Falun Dafa exercises—the Falun Standing Stance. I gave it a try... but not very enthusiastically. But then the extraordinary happened. As I held up my hands, tears started pouring down. I could not control it. I could not explain it. That same day my life changed. I asked all the questions I could ask and started going to the weekly practice sessions. Everything in my life began to make sense and I felt healthier and stronger. I left my sadness and doubts behind a long time ago, and I now help others find the treasures of Falun Dafa.”

Two practitioners joined us by telephone. The first one said:

“For me, finding Falun Dafa was the greatest gift. I felt good in my heart, and I now understand the pain of illness, and I can overcome it. I am very happy.”

The second practitioner shared:

“I used to try my best to do what was right, but without a true guide how does one know? Now I know better how to live. I see things in a different way, and my life is totally different. I am more tranquil. I reflect a bit more before doing something. My customers are also happy. They say they feel good after talking with me, and they leave my office satisfied and content.”

We all expressed our gratitude to Venerable Master, grateful for his helping us and for our being able to share on this 30th anniversary: “Falun Dafa is good!”