(Minghui.org) Soon after the Chinese New Year of 2021, somebody knocked at my door a little past 6 p.m. I was new in that neighborhood and didn’t know anyone.

All visitors must swipe their cards to enter the building, even when visiting acquaintances. They should also call first, so I wondered who it could be.

I opened the door and saw two police officers standing there. One of them was older.They said they were from the police station in the residential area where I lived previously. I realized they came because of the so-called “Zero-Out” Campaign, which pressures Falun Dafa practitioners to renounce their belief.

I was a little angry and spoke to them harshly, “Who told you I moved here? Who let you in?”

The older officer said, “Let’s talk inside, as it won’t be good if your neighbors hear us.”

I replied, “It's not early. Only I am at home. It is not proper for you to come in, is it?”The officer mumbled, “Don’t worry about that.” Then they forced their way in.

The older officer showed me his police badge but covered up his photo and name. I wanted to take a good look at it.

He immediately pocketed his badge and said they would leave after a brief conversation. I saw the younger one was recording with his body camera, so I asked him to turn it off. He refused until the older one asked him to shut it off.

They then sat down without my invitation. The older one said, “We know you practice Falun Dafa. Just practice at home, don’t oppose the Party.”

I asked him, “What is ‘opposing the Party’?” He said, “Hmm, I don’t know. Anyway, just do not speak bad words against the Party.”

I replied, “No matter how good a person is, there will always be some people who badmouth him. When the Chinese Communist Party does bad things, why can’t people comment on it?

“Falun Dafa benefits the nation and people in all ways and hurts no one; Everyone should oppose the Party's persecution of Falun Dafa.”

He didn’t answer me directly and then asked, “Do your husband and child support you?” I said, “Everyone has their own convictions, which is none of my business.”

He interjected, “So have you affected them?” I said, “Yes.” He then exclaimed, “See!”

He thought my practice affected my husband and child’s career and future, so I explained all my family members have benefited from it.

“They are all very healthy now. And both my husband and child have been promoted and are doing well financially.”

They looked surprised, but after seeing my big house with luxury furnishings, they believed me. Actually, when they came in, I heard the older officer speaking to himself, “Nice house!”

They stood up and spoke politely, “It is time for you to cook supper.” Then they left.

But right after they walked out, I remembered the older officer said his family name was Yang, and he was the vice director of the police station.

So I ran up and asked him, “You are Mr. Yang, and you are the vice director of the police station, right?” He looked a little bit scared, “Have you memorized my police number?”

He noticed I had been staring at his police number on his shoulder for a while when we talked. But I had forgotten it.

I didn’t answer him and just said, “Have you heard of the ‘Perpetrators List’?” He was frightened and said, “Please don’t! Don’t put my name on the Perpetrators List. I am not a perpetrator.”

“I also believe you are not a perpetrator,” I replied. “However, if I do not expose you, you will continue to harass me.”

He yelled, “No, don’t expose me! I won’t come again!” Then they left quickly.

I didn’t mean to frighten him. I had no idea he would be that scared. In fact, during the Fa-rectification period, who should really be scared is the evil. Although he didn’t do evil things to me, he was still manipulated by the evil factors when he participated in the “Zero-Out Campaign” and the harassment of Dafa practitioners.

Of course, those who really do evil things to practitioners should definitely be exposed.

Before that incident, the police harassed me two other times. The first time during the so-called “Knocking on Doors” campaign, three plainclothes officers came, two men and a woman.

The two men looked nervous, but the woman had a very bad attitude and spoke in an interrogating manner. She asked me if I would still practice.

I said, “You have such bad manners. You are not qualified to talk to me, and I am not obligated to answer you.”

They then picked up the document they placed on the table, which they originally planned to have me sign, and left angrily. They knew there was no chance I would sign it.

The second time the police came was because I appealed to the bureau overseeing my company for the mistreatment I suffered in my job.

Someone likely reported me to the police station. The woman who first visited me came again, together with a male officer.

This time they were very polite and asked me how they might help. The woman asked, “Are you still practicing (Falun Dafa)?”

“You even don’t need to ask,” I replied. “I have been practicing for over 20 years. How can I stop?”

They looked around and saw my portrait of Master Li Hongzhi. And asked, “You also have your Master’s portrait?” I said, “Yes.”

The woman interjected, “So you must also have the book Zhuan Falun?” I said, “Of course. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I must study the Fa every day. I have everything a Dafa practitioner is supposed to have.”

The officers then asked to take a look at the portrait, then I took it down from its high place. They asked why I put it up so high, and I said: “Hu Jintao (the former Chinese President) did so when he saw the book. He also knew it was for Buddhist cultivation.”

In the end, the male officer asked for my phone number, but I refused to give it. He said, “With your number, we don’t need to come again. When we need to talk to you we can just call.”

I told him he didn't need to call me. He said, “What if we want to learn Falun Dafa?!”

“That’s great!” I interjected. “Then leave me your name and number, and I can go to the police station to visit you. We are so close anyway.”

He wrote his information on a slip of paper. I saw the last name he wrote was Sheng, and the number he wrote was 110 (the police emergency number in mainland China).

I inquired, “I remember you introduced yourself as Mr. Liu when you came in, and your colleague as Ms. Zhou. Now you change your name to Mr. Sheng, and the number you wrote is 110. That is meaningless.”

“You can find me at the police station. But please don’t tell others the topic of our conversation.”

I interjected, “I'll explain the truth to everybody from your police station because we want people to know the truth. You have nothing to worry about.” The officers then left.

I believe we should take every chance to clarify the truth to the police officers who come to our homes.

To those who have been poisoned deeply and refuse to listen to the truth, our dignified truth-clarification can make it harder for them to participate in crimes against Dafa. It can also make it easier for them to understand that what they are doing is sinful.

They will also realize that they can be exposed to the international community for those crimes, and take responsibility for what they are doing.