(Minghui.org) Practitioners held a Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Mexico City on November 5, 2022. Practitioners from all parts of Mexico attended the conference. Thirteen practitioners talked about how they improved in their cultivation practice. Practitioners attending the conference said that they benefited a lot by listening to the other practitioners’ experiences.

A Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held in Mexico City on November 5, 2022.

Practitioners presented their cultivation experiences.

Coordinating with Others to Promote Shen Yun

Jennifer Garcia talked about her cultivation experiences while promoting Shen Yun. One of her jobs was contacting people who bought Shen Yun tickets for the performances in 2020. After the tour was canceled due to the COVID pandemic, she told audience members the importance of retaining those tickets. Most audience members chose to keep the tickets and only a few requested a refund. Seeing some people lose their chance to be saved by watching Shen Yun saddened Jennifer. She said, “At first, I did not want to talk to the audience members when they called the hotline. I wanted to shy away from the conflict. I had an ordinary job and family matters to take care of. However, I realized I was being selfish and I had the attachment to comfort.”

Her righteous thoughts got stronger when she realized this was an opportunity to save people. The phone calls became easier after, “I put myself in the audience members’ place. I was able to encourage them to retain their tickets and watch Shen Yun when the pandemic eased.” She said, “When I had strong righteous thoughts, my ordinary work and family matters were all resolved. I even had my family members’ support. Everything was worth it when I saw so many audience members returning to watch Shen Yun this year.”

Jennifer said that she has been shrugging off responsibilities for a certain Dafa project because she did not want to get into conflicts with other practitioners. However, “I understood that what I want it is not important. Instead I should walk on the path that Master arranged for me.”

She said that when the ticket sales weren’t great, practitioners arranged time to study the Fa in small groups. Slowly the ticket sales improved and some performances were sold out. “The relationships between practitioners also improved when we read the teachings together every day.”

The Importance of Saving People

Rosaura talked how she began practicing Falun Dafa. She was deeply moved when she read the principles that Master taught in Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa. She recalled, “I suddenly remembered the vow I made to Master and I began crying continuously.” Rosaura understood that she played a huge role in saving sentient beings. 

When a German Falun Dafa practitioner gave Rosaura a Shen Yun music CD, Rosaura said, “Since then, Mexican practitioners always held the hope that Shen Yun would one day perform in Mexico.”

Shen Yun toured Mexico for the first time in 2013. “In the beginning, a lot of Mexicans had no idea what Shen Yun was and we did not know what to do. I made a lot of mistakes during this process. However, I knew that if we did not hold on tight to this opportunity, we might not be given a second chance. I also enlightened to the fact that Shen Yun should perform in Mexico because this was what Master had arranged.”

She said, “Mexican Falun Dafa practitioners know that only by upgrading our xinxing can we fulfill our mission. The process of promoting Shen Yun was also a process that helped us to let go of our stubborn and strong attachments. We will only do better when we have righteous thoughts and righteous actions.”

Eliminating the Attachment of Resentment

Indira talked about how she began practicing Falun Dafa fifteen years ago and the countless miracles she experienced that validated Dafa’s magnificence. 

Indira participated in many truth clarification projects prior to 2013. She had many conflicts with other practitioners and was unable to conduct herself according to the standards of Dafa. She developed a lot of attachments such as selfishness, hot-temper, not thinking of others, competitiveness, jealousy, and vanity. These attachments slowly developed into resentment and she always felt she was treated unfairly. 

Two months passed after the Shen Yun performances in Mexico in 2013, but Indira refused to meet with any practitioners. She stopped attending Fa study. During this time, she experienced great physical discomfort. While studying the Fa one time, she saw a ray of bright light. She began to look inward and realized that she had a lot of attachments. She was determined to attend group Fa study and upgrade her character. Her cultivation environment also changed for the better. 

Indira encountered conflicts with her younger brother this year. She started to become resentful again. She felt discouraged because she thought she already eliminated the attachment of resentment. Indira realized that she should not compare herself to the past and instead she should align herself to standards of Dafa. She began to extend the length of time she read the Fa and realized that she needed to have righteous thoughts and righteous actions. The relationship between Indira and her younger brother also became harmonious.

Eliminating Attachments While Participating in the International Art Exhibition 

Sandra Sandoval talked about her cultivation experiences while helping with the Art of Zhen Shan Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance) International Exhibition. Even though she’s been a professional fine arts teacher for over 30 years and has also hosted many art exhibitions, Sandra’s ideas were always rejected by the project coordinator. One day while she sent righteous thoughts, Sandra realized that she was acting like an ordinary person and had attachments like being arrogant, presumptuous, and domineering. She always wanted to be perfect and lacked compassion and tolerance. She felt upset and decided to share her thoughts with the coordinator to rectify herself. The team held a very successful art exhibition when the environment around them changed for the better.

Sandra also invited many of her friends to attend the opening ceremony. The art exhibition was very successful. She understood that in order for everyone to improve, each one must let go of human notions. She understood that tribulations are opportunities for practitioners to let go of attachments and work together to save people. 

Experiencing Magnificent Compassion

Before Ana Flores began practicing Falun Dafa four years ago she always thought she was a good person. As time passed, she realized that she needed to eliminate many attachments and human notions. Ana also realized that she had been deceiving herself all this time. 

Ana had conflicts with Sara. After some time passed, Ana sent a text message to reconcile. Sara later invited Ana to have dinner at her house. On her way there, Ana received a phone call from a friend who said that Sara was bad-mouthing her behind her back. Ana was determined to attend the dinner because she wanted to confront Sara. She thought of Master’s teaching when she arrived at Sara’s house and decided to take this as an opportunity to upgrade her xinxing. Ana also realized that she had hurt many others in the past and bad mouthed them as well. She calmed down and thanked Sara for giving her the opportunity to improve. 

Believing in Master and Believing in the Fa on the Path of Cultivation

Alma Luna began practicing Falun Dafa seventeen years ago. She said, “My faith in Master and Dafa is steadfast.” She said, “My father was very sick and I wanted to take him to the hospital. He refused. I was determined to take him to the hospital because I was afraid that his condition might worsen. After he was hospitalized his condition worsened and I stopped practicing Falun Dafa to make time to take care of him.”

Alma began experiencing physical discomfort herself. Her father asked to be discharged from the hospital and afterwards his condition improved. Meanwhile, Alma’s condition worsened. Her son wanted to take her to the hospital if she did not get better. Alma looked inward and realized she had attachments like fear, being manipulative, and shame. She asked Master to help her and suddenly had a thought to read the Fa. She told herself to focus on studying the Fa and not be distracted.

She felt a great energy current in her body while she read the Fa and three days later her pain disappeared. She said, “I realized that Master was eliminating my karma from the root and during this process I needed to endure some pain.”

Practitioners listened to each speaker attentively during the Fa conference. They said they benefited greatly, learned how to look inward in times of tribulation, eliminate attachments and upgrade their character.

A group photo of practitioners who attended the Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Mexico City.