(Minghui.org) Time flies; the year 2021 is already half over. Time is extremely precious to Dafa practitioners because the time was extended by Master’s immense suffering on our behalf and given to us due to Master’s tremendous compassion. Therefore, we should seize the opportunity to do well with what we should do, assisting in Master’s Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.

We may have mutually agreed to come together and meet in the global rescue platform to fulfill our vows over the long history. My heart goes out to my fellow practitioners in China, and I cherish the opportunity to clarify the truth to people in police departments, the Procuratorate, and the courts. Therefore, this platform is a sacred place for me to honor my vow. Here we study the Fa, share experiences, and clarify the truth together. We also look inward, encourage each other, and learn from each other to improve. The platform is a land of purity where we can temper ourselves, purify our hearts, and improve ourselves faster. It is normal to have conflicts and shortcomings, which is an excellent opportunity for us to cultivate and improve.

Cultivating Ourselves While Working in the Project

A few months ago, the platform coordinator put me in charge of forming a truth-clarification group, and I gladly agreed. A dozen or so fellow practitioners joined the group. It was not easy to get together at the same time because we were multi-tasking and in different time zones around the world. At the beginning of the project, there were many meetings for training and communication. Sometimes only two or three attended the meeting due to others’ busy schedules.

I used to manage a technical group in my regular job, so I had experience with employees who were late for meetings. Thus, when I first encountered this situation, I wasn't happy. But I thought: This is cultivation; I cannot face things in cultivation with a mentality of regular people.

Master said:

“Take religions, for example. Those who truly understand things are utilizing the formats taken by those religions to cultivate themselves, while those who don’t are upholding the formats of those religions. In other words, what gods want are not the formats that mankind uses, but for you to utilize the formats here and ascend. When you elevate by making use of these formats, you are validating Fa, validating gods, and saving sentient beings, right? (Applause) Dafa disciples’ cultivating in the diverse occupations is acknowledging the beings in those systems, and it is saving all those lives.” (“Teachings at the Conference in Los Angeles”)

I realized that the purpose of our project is to save people, and at the same time, we can cultivate ourselves. We cannot get attached to the project itself. Cultivation is about cultivating oneself. Whether I am a project leader or any other member of the project, I should face all things with the mentality of a cultivator.

Thus, to put me in the right frame of mind, I cannot be obsessed with the performance of my fellow practitioners and the results of the project. Instead, I did my best to do what I should do as a project leader, such as providing technical support and arranging meetings to discuss problems. I tried my best to help and give advice when some technical issues arose among my fellow practitioners.

I tried my best not to obsess about the results; I knew I could only do well with what I should do. Other things were beyond my control. Whether the project plays a role in saving sentient beings can be influenced by various aspects, but the cultivation state of fellow practitioners in the project is critical. If we could cultivate ourselves well in the project, the project would naturally play its role.

I was unmoved by my fellow practitioners’ performance. I knew it was all about cultivating my own heart. Compassionate Master perfectly arranged people with different talents to participate in the project. Some fellow practitioners specialized in collecting and organizing truth-clarification materials. Some were good at providing cell phone numbers and registering accounts. Some previously used the tool and helped others get familiar with the device. Inadvertently, everyone formed one integrated body with clear tasks, ensuring that the project proceeded orderly. Now, the program has taken off.

I feel that everyone has been elevated and sublimated in the project. This is the reason that our project can serve the purpose of saving sentient beings.

By enhancing my understanding of the Fa, I also realized that I need to do what I should do as a Dafa practitioner, whether it is making phone calls or sending multimedia messages. I am not going to be obsessed with the result. I realized it is enough to do what I should do as a Dafa practitioner. But whether I have done my duty or not, this is a question I need to think about every day.

Harmonizing with One Body in Our Clarifying the Truth

Due to the project’s needs, I usually send messages to people in the police departments, the procuratorates, and the courts to make up for not getting through on the phone.

Regarding calling special cases, it seemed that fellow practitioners were using the phone and other tools, and fewer of them were sending texts. I thought I could edit some targeted content to help out. So I found the key people in those special cases and sent them text messages. In the message content, I included the names of local officials who had received retribution.

In editing texts, I used deterrent and warning words to persuade those officials who have been persecuting practitioners for a long time to stop doing evil. Later, I thought I should always treat all sentient beings with compassion, and regardless of how they behave, I must not touch their evil side, or else I would hurt my mainland fellow practitioners. Sometimes, I couldn’t help but shed tears during the process of editing texts. I try to use my good heart to touch them, so they can experience the broad-mindedness and compassion of Dafa practitioners, and thus understand the truth about Falun Dafa.

Sometimes it is still difficult for me to maintain a calm mind when I work on cases of illegal court trials for practitioners. Those public prosecutors and judges do not follow any legal procedures. They are particularly arrogant in trying and convicting practitioners without regard to practitioners’ wellbeing. Sometimes I think: Perhaps it is time for the mighty nature of Falun Dafa to be manifested. However, I know it is that my human heart and emotions are stirred up, and I know I should improve in this area.

Master Urges Me to Improve Quickly

One day I dreamed of Master. In fact, in my 20 years of practice, the number of times I dreamed clearly about Master is very limited. This time I dreamed that Master was teaching the Fa, and several Dafa disciples were standing there. I was a few meters away, not listening to Master’s teachings, but bowing down to Master, thinking to myself: Why is Master ignoring me? After I bowed three times, I looked up and found my fellow practitioners standing on either side of me and left a path for me. Master was standing face to face with me. At that moment, perhaps Master signaled me to go over, so I immediately ran over to him. Although I was standing, my height only reached to Master’s waist. I ran over, hugged Master’s waist, pressed the side of my face on Master’s body, and lost my voice and cried. I felt like a long-lost child finding his father.

I realized Master has been compassionately protecting me even though he was not satisfied with my state of cultivation. I knew that I had not cultivated well and was worrying Master. I think this dream also urged me to study the Fa more and be more diligent.

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