(Minghui.org) After reading “Please Stop Using WeChat to Share Articles That Do Not Directly Clarify the Truth of Falun Dafa,” I agree with the author that we should not post cultivation articles on websites whose target audiences are non-practitioners and that we should stay away from using WeChat.

If Dafa disciples want to read cultivation articles, they should look to Dafa websites such as Minghui.org. Before the articles are published, they are reviewed by the editors and these Dafa websites are also platforms for fellow practitioners to offer their feedback. In particular, we know Master is also watching over Minghui.org as well.

But for articles posted on the public accounts on WeChat, there is no review or editing of any kind so the quality of such articles may be compromised. For example, one of the practitioners who posted on a public WeChat account implied that “Master” asked him to write articles about how he used supernatural powers to eliminate the evil and so on, even though he didn’t want to write. 

This practitioner’s claim was very similar to those practitioners who undermined the Fa by casually giving speeches in many places in China. Most of those who gave speeches to undermine the Fa claimed that they “understood” some seemingly advanced “Fa principle,” but didn’t dare to submit their articles to Minghui for review. Instead, they organized fellow practitioners themselves to be their audience. It’s just that most of such “speeches” are done in person, while those articles posted online may attract more fellow practitioners who are still actively using WeChat.

Those practitioners who are interested in novelty and supernatural powers can easily become fans and follow those online articles. While wasting precious time meant for their cultivation, they think that they are discussing cultivation experiences with fellow practitioners.

In addition, some of the practitioners who were attracted by the WeChat articles are new practitioners, who are not very solid in their cultivation. When they follow the authors or even click likes, they are exposing themselves to the evil. 

Actually, because they are new practitioners, the evil may not know about them. But now, they are turning in their information to the evil themselves. From this perspective, what role does this type of article play? Are they helping the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to persecute Dafa practitioners?

A local practitioner who has followed such public accounts on WeChat and even joined chat groups, received a call one day from someone claiming to be a practitioner and asking her to quit the CCP. That caller also asked her for personal information, such as her age and home address, etc. She was so scared that she quickly turned off her phone. Hasn’t the evil started to pay attention to her?

I know that some Dafa practitioners are using WeChat to spread news to expose the CCP’s evil nature. But those contents are for ordinary people and Dafa disciples should not read them. Fellow practitioners should also not share such articles, because that would expose them to the evil and it just isn’t worth it. 

It’s like a fellow practitioner clarifying the truth on the street. If many fellow practitioners went to watch, not only would they scare the people away, but the police may also come. I should pay even more attention to safety when clarifying the truth online.

Through my contact with several local practitioners, I found that they were all using WeChat and reading articles on it. After I shared my thoughts with them, most deleted these contents and very few insisted on keeping them. I think they probably just didn’t realize the problem in the past.

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s current understanding meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin

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