(Minghui.org) WeChat is the primary social media platform in China, but the content of each post on WeChat is strictly monitored by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Recently I noticed the trend that Falun Dafa practitioners are sharing posts of articles that normally start with Buddhist stories, before leading to some ideas about cultivation. Dafa practitioners can easily tell the views of these articles are derived from Dafa teachings, and thus these posts often receive lots of likes from Dafa practitioners.

I believe it is not appropriate for Dafa practitioners to promote this type of articles on WeChat for the following reasons.

First of all, these articles cannot save people because they are all published on WeChat, where any words related to Falun Dafa are strictly censored by the CCP cyber watchdogs. The creators of these articles use obscure forms to cite Dafa's views without mentioning Dafa. The only people who can understand the underlying meaning are Dafa practitioners. These articles can help ordinary people to learn to be kind, but they simply cannot serve the purpose of letting people know the truths of Dafa.

Secondly, posting these articles on WeChat involves acts that undermine Dafa. Readers can transfer money on WeChat as rewards to those who post these articles. Those who give rewards are either fellow Dafa practitioners or people who have respect for gods and Buddhas. If a fellow practitioner has financial difficulties and needs monetary support, other Dafa practitioners can raise funds for them. However, earning fellow practitioners' money out of posting other people's articles on WeChat is not appropriate.

In addition, WeChat posts usually link various commercials to promote health care products and even fake products that target middle- and old-aged people. Sharing articles with such commercials attached is indirectly promoting these products, which makes the fellow practitioners culprits by promoting fake products. The consequences of such behavior can be devastating for practitioners.

Furthermore, CCP's cyber police can easily identify those who share and read these articles, send rewards, and even purchase the products. This will put many in great danger. For those who are posting this type of article on WeChat, they should stop doing it now for their own and others’ safety.

Finally, the viewpoints of such articles can be misleading. For example, an article I read said that “people with good inborn qualities usually get drunk very easily.” It is irresponsible to spread such misconceptions because they can inhibit people from understanding the truths of Dafa, and they can even interfere with Dafa practitioners' cultivation.

I hope that practitioners will stop posting this type of article on WeChat right away. Fellow practitioners who are keen on reading and rewarding such articles, and even purchasing goods from the commercials, should unfollow these accounts. This kind of behavior undermines the Fa, earns money inappropriately, reveals the identity of fellow practitioners, and most importantly, is unable to save people.

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