(Minghui.org) When in danger, holding the thought “You do not control me” could help keep you safe. The following are real-life examples of Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, protecting practitioners.

A police officer saw an elderly practitioner talking to someone about Falun Dafa. She ran when she saw him coming after her. The officer had almost caught up to her when she thought to herself, “You do not control me!” The officer suddenly stopped chasing her and began walking in another direction. The practitioner thanked Master for protecting her.

During the pandemic, a practitioner went to a supermarket where all the customers either had to scan a QR code or sign a form. The practitioner had the strong thought, “You do not control me!” The clerk lowered his head as if looking for something, and the practitioner walked into the store without being stopped.

Another practitioner stayed home with her husband and two children during the CCP's “zero-out campaign” to force known Falun Dafa practitioners to renounce their faith. One day, without warning, two policemen and two community staff members entered their house without permission. They told her to sign a blank paper, claiming that they would then not bother her again. She refused to sign and told them about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Her husband was afraid that she could be arrested and wanted to sign on her behalf, but she asked him not to.

Their children began to cry when they saw the police in their house. One child ran into the bedroom complaining of a stomachache. When the practitioner followed, the child said, “Mom, just sign the paper so that the police won’t take you away!” The mother replied, “They do not control me. Master is the one who has the final say.” She told the children she did nothing wrong and not to be afraid.

The living room was quiet, and when she went in, the policemen and the community staff members had already left.

My wife and I are both practitioners. Because of the persecution, we felt it necessary to leave our home for a while. We rode on an intercity bus one day, and the driver told all the passengers to take out our identification cards. He said, “We are approaching a checkpoint, and they are going to check our ID cards.” When I told the driver that I did not have one, he replied, “That is not acceptable!”

My wife sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad elements that were interfering with us, and I held the thought, “You do not control us!” The police officer guarding the checkpoint did not stop our bus and let us drive straight through. The confused bus driver remarked, “The police officer did not even stop us!”

On our way home from a nearby city, another practitioner and I exited the main highway and paid the toll. Then we saw a line of cars ahead of us. I asked an officer what was happening and he replied, “Due to the pandemic, everyone needs to scan a QR code or register their names.” We could not turn back at this point.

While sitting in the car, I had the strong thought, “You do not control us!” When we approached the registration point, the person in charge stood up, turned around, and faced the other way. I said to the other practitioner, “Here's our opportunity, let’s go!” He stepped on the gas and we drove off. I thanked Master for protecting us.

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