(Minghui.org) As a young, educated Falun Dafa practitioner, I have undertaken the role of providing technical assistance at our local truth-clarification material production site. There have been numerous hardships in the process, but I know this is the obligation and mission of a Dafa practitioner.

I am always gratified to see these material production sites being established one by one, to see the problematic computers and printers being restored, and to see the experience sharing articles, reports on the persecution, and lists of people who have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

I really appreciate Master’s hints and reinforcement and the cooperation among practitioners!

Besides repairing computers and keeping the phone calls safe from being monitored, we also make many truth-clarifying flash drives and QR codes.

During the Chinese New Year, we produce and distribute New Year's couplets, window shades emblazoned with “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” as well as wall calendars and desk calendars. By doing this, we deliver the message of Dafa's kindness to so many families while we add to the festiveness of their holiday season.

Walking the Path Righteously

I am in charge of purchasing most of the equipment and consumables in our area. I use different ways to save money and guarantee safety. I usually keep about 10,000 yuan on hand. Many practitioners want to donate money, but I collect donations only when most of the money is gone.

When I shop online, I always use the anonymous phone cards and bank cards of my family members, relatives, and friends. I also change my online shopping accounts, bank cards, and phone cards once a year. Especially when I shop for desk calendar stands, I use a specific phone card only for this order.

I keep my own money strictly separate from the donations. When I have to use my own money to buy things for fellow practitioners, such as cell phones and MP3s, I transfer my money into the donated money account first and then shop online.

When I go out to buy consumables and get change, I immediately put it in with the donations. I also occasionally put more of my own money into the bag, just to make sure there is always a surplus.

Because I often help practitioners solve technical problems and deliver materials to neighboring counties, towns, and villages, many out-of-town practitioners are acquainted with me and want to give me gifts of homemade farm products.

I enlightened that relationships between practitioners should be sacred and pure and only for the validation of the Fa. We shouldn’t mix in human sentimentality. After I kindly explain this, these practitioners usually can understand and accept it.

When I have to collaborate with female practitioners, I strictly adhere to “no touching between a man and a woman,” which is a principle from our ancient culture. I am careful about what I say, keep every thought up to par, and never talk about unnecessary things.

The Issue of Security

My steadfastness in cultivation is based on my close attention to security. Because we are cultivating in everyday society, we must comply with the principles of everyday people.

Our righteous thoughts cannot always be up to par with divine beings, so we must pay close attention to security, which doesn’t mean we have the mentality of fear. I am especially careful with cell phone safety.

For years, I have been responsible for technical work and also participate in the local coordination efforts. However, I never give out my work phone number to fellow practitioners.

Master Li said,

“I’ll say one more thing: Every moment in your life is part of your spiritual journey, and at every moment I am looking after you.”(“Another Stern Warning”)

When fellow practitioners need to find me, there are always “coincidences.” For example, a few years ago, a practitioner needed me to help fix her printer. She didn’t email me to set up an appointment and just drove to another practitioner’s home instead and left her printer there for me to pick up.

Actually, I only went to that practitioner’s home once or twice a month, but I “coincidentally” went to his home that very day and met the practitioner with her printer.

When she needed me again, I happened to go to that practitioner's again the same day and met her on the stairs. We never made appointments beforehand, but our meeting up worked out perfectly.

Challenges During the Pandemic

When COVID-19 suddenly broke out, everyone panicked. We Dafa practitioners knew this disaster would happen sooner or later and that maybe this was one of the methods for eliminating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

After the CCP locked down all the cities, villages, and residential areas, it became very difficult to go out to help save people. But we knew it was one more obstacle to overcome, a test to see whether we could still think about the welfare of sentient beings, instead of only thinking about our personal well-being.

Now that the pandemic is ebbing in China, the divine beings are providing us with one more chance to mercifully offer salvation to sentient beings.

We should race against time and try our best to cultivate ourselves well and help more people. However, as the pandemic ebbed, the CCP launched the “Zero-out Campaign,” and some practitioners slowed down their steps in cultivation and truth clarification. Some even think more about their businesses and incomes in everyday society.

When the pandemic spread in our area after the 2020 Chinese New Year, I undertook all the work at our local material production site, because the practitioners who delivered materials before could no longer come.

I began to download, print, and deliver materials in large quantities by myself, which proved challenging. I had to climb over walls and wire fences to access some residential areas, but I was successful!

I am still making and delivering pamphlets and copies of Minghui Weekly. I also take every chance to clarify the truth to colleagues, people I meet, and my neighbors, as well as the security personnel in my residential area.

My daily life is nothing different from what it was before the pandemic. Even during the “Zero-out Campaign,” the police officers who know I have been a practitioner for 20 years haven't bothered me before or since.

I have no fear of the persecution in my heart and negate any interference from the old forces with righteous thoughts. My wife is also not afraid or concerned; she just reminds me to be careful from time to time.

I want to thank Master again for his merciful protection! I will, as a Dafa disciple, continue to be diligent, do the three things well, and fulfill my prehistoric oath to meet Master’s expectations!

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