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I started cultivation in Falun Dafa in 2007, and was soon freed from the unbearable pain resulting from a serious car accident. Falun Dafa enabled me to begin a new, blessed life.

Dafa Changed My Fate and Gave Me a New Life

As a child, I always enjoyed cuddling around my mother with my younger sister and a few other friends to listen to her telling us beautiful fables, while staring at the shining stars in the sky. After I grew up, I pursued a happy life and worked hard for fame and gain. However, just as I was enjoying a successful career, a terrible car accident changed it all.

It happened in December 2003. The accident caused a comminuted fracture of my skull. I survived after emergency treatment, but still suffered serious sequelae: I had severe pain in the eyes. I could not read or bear any light, and my eyes were wet all the time. I suffered from chronic insomnia. My mouth was always dry. My legs were too weak to walk and a tiny stone could trip me. I could no longer go to work and had to rest at home for a long time.

Just as I was feeling deeply depressed and confused, my younger sister (a Falun Dafa practitioner) encouraged me to listen to the recording of Master’s lectures given in Jinan, Shandong Province. When I finished listening to the first lecture, I felt very excited. When I was halfway through the second lecture, I felt Master’s words were reverberating like thunder. I was so excited that I yelled out to my mother, “I want to practice Falun Dafa!” All of a sudden, I seemed to have enlightened to a lot of things that had been bothering me all along. My sister felt very happy for me and said, “Great, you have obtained Dafa.” We both shed tears with great joy and excitement.

That night, I listened to Master’s lectures again and again. Even though I hardly slept, I didn’t feel tired or sleepy at all. The next day, my sister brought me a copy of Zhuan Falun (the main text of Falun Dafa), together with 13 copies of other Fa teachings, as well as a video of Master teaching the exercises. It was April 16, 2007, a day that I would never forget because it marked the beginning of my cultivation in Falun Dafa. Since then I have been immersed in the boundless compassion of our Master.

When I picked up the book Zhuan Falun for the first time and saw Master’s picture, tears ran down my face nonstop. I felt so emotional, as I knew that I had Master to take care of me! I read the book attentively and saw that every word was shining with radiance. I absorbed each word and each sentence earnestly.

Master said,

“Think about it, everyone: What kind of matter is it to teach qigong toward high levels? Isn’t this offering salvation to humankind? Offering salvation to humankind means that you will be truly cultivating, and not just healing illnesses and keeping fit.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

Every word in this sentence was flashing with light. Tears of excitement streamed down my face. This is a precious book from Heaven! I deeply regretted not having obtained the Fa earlier. When I read the line “All who enter are disciples, no matter when they began the practice.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun) I felt very grateful and assured. I made up my mind that I would be diligent and worthy of Master’s compassionate salvation.

I spent much time reading Zhuan Falun and other Fa teachings every day, and did the exercises diligently. By the time I finished reading all the books, I felt as if I had changed into a new person, all my pain and discomfort disappeared, and my eyes didn’t feel any pain or stress while I was reading! I was extremely grateful to Master and felt I was the luckiest person in the world!

Clarifying the Truth to People in My Hometown

Just two or three months after I obtained the Fa, my sister and I needed to do something in the suburbs. It was pouring rain the whole way we were driving and the rain didn’t stop until we got there. My sister took out a big bag of truth-clarification materials and said to me, “We’re Dafa practitioners and we should clarify the truth everywhere we go. These materials need to be distributed door to door. Would you like to help?” I said yes and my sister gave me a smaller portion of the materials to distribute. We agreed to meet at the same place when we finished, so that we could move on to do what we needed to do from there.

That was the first time I participated in distributing truth-clarification materials, and I felt very happy in my heart. There were around 40 or 50 small packets in the bag my sister gave me. I took out one and saw that it contained a CD, a booklet, a page of newspaper, a copy of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, among other materials. As I was walking, I thought: How fortunate people are these days. They can learn the truth without having to leave their house.

I came to the first household, with the yard gate open. Seeing that there was a pool of rain water outside the gate, I went inside and left the packet on the windowsill. I did the same with the next two households. The fourth one had the gate closed, but unlocked. I pushed it open and went in. A dog in the yard stood up, wagged his tail and didn’t bark. I went to leave a packet on the windowsill and noticed a group of people looking at me in the room.

Just then a middle-aged lady came out with a smile on her face, “We are playing cards. They asked me to bring in what you left on the windowsill, saying you must be a good person, as even the dog wouldn’t bark at you.” I smiled back and said, “I believe you are good people too. You’re blessed to learn about the world’s affairs without stepping out the door.”

I had no idea how to clarify the truth at the time. I did the same with all the houses I went to. If there was someone in, we would exchange a few words. I distributed all the packets without any problem, and went back to where we parked the car.

My sister was already there waiting for me, “How come it took you so long?” she asked. I told her that because there was rainwater everywhere, I had to go inside the gates to leave the packets on windowsills. “Well done!” My sister encouraged me. “There is nothing to be afraid of if you don’t hold any fear. However, you could have hung the packets on their gate doors to save time.” “You’re right,” I said, thinking I would do better next time.

That was the beginning of my continuous truth-clarification commitment. I would like to share two other experiences I had.

One night, I went to distribute materials in a residential neighborhood. There was a seven-story unit block with six entrances. When I finished with entrance one and began to walk down the flight of stairs, the power went off and it was dark around me. I had to feel my way down.

When I thought I was on the last step, I missed my footing, as there were still a couple of steps to go. I landed on the back of one foot and the tip of my foot turned backward. I heard cracks, but didn’t feel any pain. I said in my heart: “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. I’ve come to save people. All interference is eliminated. I’m alright.”

I turned my twisted foot around and pulled myself up. Still, I didn’t feel any pain, except for some numbness in the foot. I continued to distribute the materials until I finished with them all.

The next morning when I woke up, I found my foot and lower leg had turned purple, but there was no pain or swelling, and I could walk as normal. Four or five days later, everything was back to normal. I knew it was Master who had borne all the pain for me. I told myself that I must be more diligent in cultivation and in saving sentient beings.

One other time, there was a soccer game in my residential neighborhood and many people went to watch. I thought it would be a good opportunity to put truth-clarification stickers around the field. Even though it was day time, I was not afraid.

Things went smoothly as people were focusing on the match. After I finished with one side of the fence, I needed to walk a bit to get to the other side. As I was walking, I felt someone was tailing me. When he came closer, I stopped and bent down to fix my shoe. He walked past me and kept looking back. I held a thought: “I’m doing this to clarify the truth, deter the evil, and awaken people’s awareness. I’ve done nothing wrong. Disintegrate all interference, and I’m invisible.”

I took a different side path to the other side of the fence and ignored the man who went past me, who still kept looking back. When I finished with all four sides of the field, I had only one sticker left. As the police station was not far, I thought I might as well put the sticker outside their wall.

As I finished putting on the sticker on my tiptoes, the man I shook off earlier came over, and was just a shoulder away from me. However, he just walked past me without looking and went into the police station quickly. I was stunned for a second, and then calmed down.

I sent forth righteous thoughts towards him to eliminate the evil beings and factors behind him, and to encourage him to support Dafa so that he could be saved as well.

I experienced many other near misses in my truth-clarification, but miraculously, no real danger really happened.

Clarifying the Truth to Chinese Tourists in France

I moved to France around 2014 by chance after 7 years of truth-clarification in China.

In fact, nothing is accidental. After I settled down in Paris, I went to the Eiffel Tower and saw a large number of Chinese tourists come and go in an endless flow. After that, I went there every day to clarify the truth to Chinese tourists, rain or shine, freezing cold or scorching hot.

Although there is not much mental pressure in truth-clarification overseas, still we need to temper ourselves constantly when coming across all kinds of people every day. In the past few years, I have gradually let go of the attachments of fear, face-saving, and resentment in the face of rudeness and verbal abuse from some Chinese tourists. I kept looking inward, expanding my capacity and trying to guide myself with righteous thoughts and always being kind to people I talked to.

One day in November 2019, while I was clarifying the truth to a group of Chinese tourists and helping some quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a tall and strong man came over. I started clarifying the truth to him. He seemed to be listening attentively, and at the end I encouraged him to quit the CCP.

Suddenly he stared at me with his eyes wide open, his lips tightly closed and his cheeks bulging. He bent down first, and then spat in my face as hard as he could. He made such a loud noise that the whole group turned to look this way. I was also shocked by his unexpected behavior. I quickly calmed down and reminded myself that I was a Dafa disciple.

As I wiped my face with my sleeve, a line of Master’s poem appeared in my mind, “I regard eliminating the evil as whisking dust away” (“All For This Day,” Hong Yin III) The spit was nothing, I thought. I smiled and said to the man, “Sorry, it’s my fault that I’ve failed to help you understand what I said. Never mind, I hope someone else would help you quit the CCP organizations. Please make sure you do, it’s all for your own good!”

He stood there, staring at me with slanted eyes and a half-smile. I ignored him and turned to clarify the truth to others. Many people came up to me, and one of them gave me a thumbs up and said, “Well done! I admire Falun Gong!” Another person said, “You don’t need to say anymore. We all understand. Just give me an alias and help me quit the CCP.” They lined up and I helped around 20 or 30 people quit the CCP one after another.

Just then, the man who was rude to me walked by and said loudly without looking at anyone, “Falun Gong is amazing! The Chinese Communist Party is finished!” Everyone looked at him, then at me, and smiled.

In fact, the knowing side of people knows a lot. From this incident, I also gained a better understanding of Master’s teaching,

“The greatest manifestation of shan is compassion, and it is an expression of tremendous energy.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IX)

Clarifying the Truth to People in China by Making Phone Calls

Due to the spread of the CCP virus, the number of Chinese tourists decreased from fewer to hardly any. So I began to make phone calls at home to clarify the truth to people in China in February 2020.

I was determined that even though I did not need to go out or worry about the weather, I would not let up in cultivation or be swayed by the attachment to comfort. I would always regard doing well the three things as my top priority. I was also aware that making phone calls is also a process of xinxing cultivation.

I realized that such a way of truth-clarification is quite different from clarifying the truth face to face at the tourist spot, in that there are not as many people willing to quit the CCP. This situation also exposed my attachment of impatience. Sometimes, I felt a bit unstable and fidgeted in front of the computer. Some people would hang up on me as soon as I started talking, and some others would do the same when I was only halfway through. I also experienced quite a few issues with my computer; my account was either stolen or blocked, and I ended up changing two computers as a result.

Facing so many problems, I started to sit down and do more Fa study and look within. I remembered what Master said at a Fa conference in New York.

Master said,

“...you should not take quitting the Party or the Young Pioneers, or the “three withdrawals” itself, as your goal. Remember, everyone, you are to have clarifying the truth and saving people as your goal!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

Master also said,

“I’ll say one more thing in passing. The intensity of our clarifying the truth should grow only greater and greater, so you mustn’t let up—you absolutely must not. If humankind really experienced something like what the prophecies have described, it would be too late for regret. You mustn’t let the sentient beings down, nor fail to honor the vow that you made before the dawn of history.” (“Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

I adjusted my state of mind, intensified sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarified the truth to people with kind thoughts. The situation improved. More people were willing to listen to the truth, and some of them also quit the CCP organizations. In the process, several people told me that they dared not say any sensitive words on the phone because China Telecom and all the network systems have monitoring mechanisms to track down the user, “I know what you are talking about, but who dares to get involved in such trouble! We dare not listen.”

I have also come across people who not only quit the CCP themselves, but also encouraged others around them to quit. One of them said, “The evil CCP is rotten to the core, and nothing they say is true. It’s all fake. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to quit the party, and today is the day. I’ll quit!”

On numerous occasions, I heard people praising Falun Gong. One said, “Only Falun Gong is saving us.” Another one broke down emotionally said, “Thank you, Falun Gong!” Many others expressed, “I will certainly remember the two phrases you told me - ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’”

After more than a year of clarifying the truth to the mainland Chinese people by making phone calls, I’ve truly realized the importance of saving people, as so many destined people are still waiting to be saved!

From the day I obtained the Fa, Master has arranged the cultivation path for me, and I always feel that Master is right by my side, as long as I strive to do the three things well with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, whether it was when I was clarifying the truth back in China or clarifying the truth overseas.

Many times, some Chinese tourists asked me: “It’s so cold and you’re all wet. You’re still talking to us this late. What are you going after by working so hard? Is it because your Master pays you a lot money?”

I would always tell them: “Ancient people said, ‘A drop of water in need shall be returned with a burst of spring in deed.’ Years ago, I suffered painful lingering sequelae from a bad car accident and had to rest at home for several years and relied heavily on medication. After I started practicing Falun Dafa, I regained good health without taking any medication. Falun Dafa's Master saved my life. You are asking me how much money Master is giving me. Let me put it this way: ‘Master has given me something priceless! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is priceless and nothing is incomparable.’” After hearing what I said, they changed their tune.


To date, I have successfully made more than 8,000 calls to China, and helped around 700 people quit the CCP organizations; about 4,000 to 5,000 people listened to the truth, fully or partially.

Master is compassionate to the world’s people and gives everyone a chance to be saved and to choose their own future. As Dafa disciples, we are here to assist Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. We must not slack off and should cherish the precious opportunity of Dafa spreading far and wide today. Dafa has chosen me, and I am a particle of Dafa. I would always cherish this extremely honorable opportunity.

I would like to conclude my sharing with what Master said in his congratulatory letter to the European Fa Conference in Paris for mutual encouragement:

“Dafa disciples are the hope of humankind—the one and only hope. It is our mission to save lives, and a tremendous responsibility. Only by cultivating yourselves well can you do well what Dafa disciples must do.” (“A Congratulatory Letter to the European Fa Conference in Paris”)

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

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