(Minghui.org) My husband told me that he asked a friend to help him handle something, and his friend happily agreed, but never worked on it. His friend also consoled my husband by saying, “No worries. It’s not easy. It was the same way when I tried to do it. You can try it a few more times. It does take some time and effort.” His friend could have done it easily, but he wasn’t willing to make a little effort for my husband’s convenience. 

I reflected upon myself after I realized that my husband’s friend’s behavior was rooted in jealousy. I asked myself whether I had a similar mentality: I feel better upon seeing other people work hard and pay their dues. I feel balanced only seeing that others have suffered hardship and worked hard. To be more specific, I don’t want to see others feel comfortable, and I only feel satisfied when others have to conform to my notions. It’s the equivalent of measuring others and making arrangements for others using my own notions.

This mentality reflects a selfish perspective instead of a selfless one. I believe that it’s how Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, described why the old forces interfere with us.

“...there will be no mighty virtue earned if you can complete something easily. And that is why they make things hard for you.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference”)

Identifying the jealousy allowed me to see many facets of jealousy, such as refusing to make sacrifices for others. The root of jealousy is selfishness, which prioritizes oneself at critical moments, and does things for oneself without considering others’ need, let alone for others’ benefit.

Falun Dafa practitioners should look within and correct ourselves according to the Fa. It’s a process of eliminating selfishness. Master has taught us to cultivate altruism and how to become selfless beings. What great sacrifice and devotion it takes!

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